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Test code and assumptions to detect software defects

To prevent software defects, test the code. But before you do, question every assumption behind the software. No question is too trivial to raise.


Continuous delivery can lead to continuous improvement

By embracing the cultural and technological changes of continuous delivery, developers and testers can use it as an approach to continuous improvement.

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Agile culture demands learning

Quality Time columnist Jennifer Lent spoke to Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory about their new book and the learning culture needed for companies practicing Agile. Get the inside scoop here.


Infrastructure as code supports continuous development

An architect at Intuit takes on the challenge of continuous development by adopting infrastructure as code, a fully automated development, test and production infrastructure.

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  • Software Development Fundamentals

    Lessons learned at the API World Expo

    When API developers and software architects from all over the world converged in San Francisco, they had a lot to say about the right and wrong ways to manage an API project.

  • Software Testing Methodologies

    ISO 29119 sparks major controversy

    The proposed testing standards have met fierce opposition in the testing community, including a petition stop the ISO from moving forward.

  • Mobile Application Testing Techniques and Tools

    QUEST 2014 speakers advocate mobile test automation

    At QUEST conference 2014, three of the speakers made a case for mobile test automation and offered advice on how to make the most of it.

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