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Using APM vendors for cloud services

APM vendors are offering services for making cloud deployment easier.


Mobile emulator tools overview

Learn about a few favorite mobile emulator tools that can ease software testing pain points.


Mobile app performance testing gains steam from cloud

Mobile applications have created a lot of problems for software testers. Mobile performance testing tools vendors now look to the cloud for ways to solve those problems.


Agile testing evolves to support continuous development

Continuous development calls for lots of automated testing and a little manual testing. Form a continuous testing plan based on the right balance between the two.

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    Testing services gain ground in the mobile app market

    As the mobile app market ramps up, so does interest in outsourced software testing services.

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    SaaS APM vendors focus on mobility

    In this tip we'll take a look at why SaaS tools and mobile APM fit together so well and review a few of the leaders in SaaS APM for mobile devices.

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    specification by example (SBE)

    Specification by example (SBE) is a user-driven contextual approach to defining software requirements. This approach encourages communication between a project's business owners and the software development team while also aligning software ...

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  • Software Development Fundamentals

    Lessons learned at the API World Expo

    When API developers and software architects from all over the world converged in San Francisco, they had a lot to say about the right and wrong ways to manage an API project.

  • Software Testing Methodologies

    ISO 29119 sparks major controversy

    The proposed testing standards have met fierce opposition in the testing community, including a petition stop the ISO from moving forward.

  • Mobile Application Testing Techniques and Tools

    QUEST 2014 speakers advocate mobile test automation

    At QUEST conference 2014, three of the speakers made a case for mobile test automation and offered advice on how to make the most of it.

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