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What it takes to make the BizDevOps approach work

BizDevOps is one way that companies large and small look for creative ways to break down functional silos and reduce operational friction.


Improve continuous testing in seven steps

Expert Matt Heusser explains how to improve mobile and web application continuous testing in seven steps. Learn how to identify goals and avoid failures with continuous flow.


Should I consider working in a startup?

Expert Gerie Owen discusses the differences between a startup culture and an established company's work environment. Learn more about which would work best for you.

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Is a software test schedule at the development team's mercy?

Does the development team determine the software test schedule? Find out why working with DevOps can alleviate some time and test constraints.

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  • Software Development Models and Methodologies

    CloudBees' Codeship deal advances CI/CD consolidation

    CloudBees acquires Codeship's SaaS-based CI/CD offering to broaden its portfolio for small and large customers, and further consolidates the DevOps tools market.

  • Building Software Project Teams

    What developers really want in a new job

    Developers are still in short supply, but companies can hire and retain talented people through a flexible and learning-driven workplace, according to insights from a HackerRank survey.

  • Software Development Models and Methodologies

    Atomist developer automation taps the full DevOps pipeline

    The Atomist DevOps automation platform extends beyond CI/CD to fully cover DevOps processes end to end, enabling developers to avoid mundane tasks and focus on productivity.

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