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Testers, are you worried about automation?

With more companies moving to DevOps the push for automating software testing is strong. Expert Gerie Owen explains how to navigate this career challenge.


Microsoft pitches DevOps business potential to partners

Addressing business partners at Inspire, Microsoft and DORA drove home the importance of DevOps and the need for Microsoft business partners to display DevOps expertise.

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Harassed at work? Sadly, you're not alone

Software testers are no more immune to hostile work environments than anyone else. Expert Gerie Owen explains how to survive in a challenging startup.


API management comes to small businesses for free

Postman released its latest API tool, Postman 5.0, to small businesses, offering free-of-charge access to some features in its enterprise-level Postman Pro product.

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    Agile Software Development

    In software application development, Agile is a methodology that anticipates the need for flexibility and applies a level of pragmatism into the delivery of the finished product.

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    Testing software that learns? Here’s how

    Machine learning is the next big thing, and software testers are just now being asked to tackle this new type of software. Expert Gerie Owen offers on-point advice.

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    Guide: Important steps to improving your QA career

    If you're looking into a QA career or find yourself already there, this guide navigates the ever-changing software testing world with steps for moving forward as a QA pro.

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