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Pondering DevOps at scale at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2017

DOES17 will offer a report card on how the development methodology is faring in the enterprise. Three speakers offer their views on what is working, what is not and where we're headed.


Why we need to make Agile agile again

Agile kind of has a bad rap and is also being eclipsed by DevOps. Consultant Johanna Rothman makes the case for why Agile needs a fresh start and how to get there.


Q&A: How Microsoft became a DevOps tools leader

After years of honing its software development lifecycle offerings, Microsoft has emerged as a leader in the DevOps tools space with its Visual Studio Team Services and more.


Guide to DevOps Enterprise Summit 2017

Industry giants are coming together once again for the annual DevOps Enterprise Summit. Learn what is trending in DevOps, IT ops, AI and machine learning.

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    Understand your runtime environment options

    Whether it's C, Java or Adobe, it's important to understand the differences among runtime environments. Expert Stephen J. Bigelow outlines the various choices.

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    synthetic monitoring

    Synthetic monitoring is the use of software to simulate user interaction with a given system rather than simply gathering data about real-world transactions.

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    Test automation has arrived; here's how to thrive

    There's no getting around management's enthusiasm for automating software testing. Expert Matthew Heusser offers step-by-step ideas on how you can survive it.

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  • Agile DevOps

    How AI and ML are coming to the DevOps rescue

    The DevOps journey is well underway, but many obstacles remain. New products using artificial intelligence and machine learning are trying to make DevOps implementation simpler.

  • Agile DevOps

    Akamai releases tools for developers

    Akamai is practically a household name on the operations side, but now the company is going after the developer space with new DevOps-friendly products.

  • Automated Software Testing

    Making the case for AI in software testing

    Machine learning can make many software testing tasks easier, faster and more reliable. Here's how AI is going to change the testing landscape, and what it means for testers.

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