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Service Virtualization: A New Innovation in Software Testing

The results are real

The software testing process has been known to wreak havoc on project costs and delivery times, particularly as application environments become increasingly complex. But it doesn't have to be that way. Development teams are using Service Virtualization techniques to detect and address defects earlier in the process. Learn how Service Virtualization and continuous integration testing solutions allow teams to rapidly test complex applications with confidence.

Continuous Testing

  • Removing test bottlenecks and automating testing that matters in Agile development (00:02:34)

    Service Virtualization can reduce testing costs and increase efficiency, speeding agile development.

  • Service Virtualization: Isn't just for testers? (00:01:14)

    The entire application development team can use Service Virtualization to speed software delivery.

  • Continuous integration and test virtualization in a mainframe world (00:02:55)

    IBM Rational and Test Environment for System Z automates tests and enables collaboration for teams.

Middleware support

  • What is Service Virtualization? (00:03:06)

    Service Virtualization removes the need to use hardware for test environments during development.

  • When to use Service Virtualization (00:05:28)

    Using Service Virtualization early in the testing phase can find defects sooner, reducing costs.

  • Service Virtualization: What's driving the need? (00:01:13)

    Cloud, mobile and additional complexity in applications require service virtualization to simulate environments.

Calculating the ROI

  • Service Virtualization: Improving time to market (00:01:20)

    Using Service Virtualization with agile development lets developers test each build quickly.

  • Service Virtualization: What's the ROI? (00:01:33)

    Service Virtualization ROI means reduced costs and increased team velocity and productivity.

  • Service Virtualization: Telecommunications (00:01:05)

    Service Virtualization resulted in a 50% faster time to market for a telecommunications company.

  • Service Virtualization: Financial services (00:01:15)

    Service Virtualization for a financial services firm led to $3 million saved per test environment.

Across Industries

  • Service Virtualization accelerates the testing of today's complex Banking applications (00:01:22)

    Get insights into the challenges facing banking organizations and how service virtualization can help.

  • Service Virtualization accelerates the testing of today's complex Airline applications (00:02:43)

    Learn how service virtualization can streamline the migration to a service-oriented architecture.

  • Continuously test Financial Services applications with service virtualization (00:01:37)

    David Silverstone of Left Shift IT shares how creating virtual services eased application testing.

  • Service Virtualization helps test Healthcare applications sooner (00:01:38)

    Learn how service virtualization can help healthcare companies make sense of disparate systems.

  • Service Virtualization accelerates the development and testing of Mobile applications (00:02:10)

    More mobile devices mean more apps that need to be tested. Virtual services can ease the process.

Discover how Service Virtualization can accelerate software delivery, improve quality and reduce testing bottlenecks
Middleware support

Platform Integration Strategies

Read about how integrations with middleware platforms from IBM, Tibco, and Software AG are essential to a Service Virtualization strategy.

Continuous testing

Effective Development Processes

Learn how automated integration testing supports an agile development process and helps teams avoid “big bang” integration challenges.

Testing multichannel apps

Best Practices for Testing

Testing for applications that rely on the web interfaces, mobile devices and mainframe data can be tricky. Learn how to manage it.

Managing quality

QA Tips and Strategies

Service Virtualization is a critical piece of a total quality approach. See where it fits in the overall quality management picture.

Calculating the ROI

The Benefits of Service Virtualization

What's the business impact of Service Virtualization? Find out how companies are benefiting from Service Virtualization and are calculating their Return on Investment.

Upcoming Events

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Learn how Service Virtualization can improve the quality of software development at your organization by talking to IBM representatives at events focused on leading edge IT topics.

Service Virtualization Resources

Service Virtualization for Dummies

Get an overview of Service Virtualization and what it means for your development and testing teams.

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