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SearchSoftwareQuality.com is the online community for developers, architects and executives interested in building secure and quality software. Get information on software quality management, software testing and quality assurance (QA), application threats and vulnerabilities, software maintenance and bug tracking, and how to build quality and security into the software development life cycle (SDLC). SearchSoftwareQuality.com also provides in-depth coverage on how to ensure quality using different development models and methodologies, like Agile development.

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  • Independent Content: Award-winning, vendor-independent news and analysis.
  • Expert Advice: Tips, guides, tutorials and user stories feature technical information from software testing, QA, requirements and project management experts.
  • Peer Input/Community: Share tips, ask questions and network with other active IT professionals in our IT Knowledge Exchange and on our blog, Software Quality Insights.
  • Vendor Solutions: Access our library of white papers and webcasts that address the most relevant software testing and QA trends, issues and solutions.

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