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Ask the Experts

  • Helping exploratory testers prepare for Agile development iterations

    Agile testing author Lisa Crispin describes the role of testers in agile development, beginning with helping customers to articulate user stories. The tester is involved in activities such as happy path testing, exploratory testing and team ...  Continue Reading

  • How to bond with your team when you're the only remote member

    One of the most difficult team configurations is the type when there is only one remote team member. Site editor Yvette Francino gives advice on ways for a sole remote team member to bond with the others using technology and communication to form ...  Continue Reading

  • Virtual team building

    Just because your team is spread across different sites, that doesn't mean you have to give up on team building. In this expert response, SSQ site editor Yvette Francino gives advice on how you can creatively engage your geographically dispersed ...  Continue Reading

  • How does ALM differ from SDLC?

    In this expert response, Mike Jones explains that SDLC is a subset of ALM with ALM covering the processes for all products in a portfoli. He also gives some specific recommendations of when you might want to use a waterfall SDLC and when it might be...  Continue Reading

  • What exactly is an ALM tool?

    Application lifecycle management expert Mike Jones explains the characteristics of tools for ALM. Jones talks about the concept of an ALM framework which is concerned with both the processes and the tools needed in the lifecycle, and clarifies some...  Continue Reading