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  • Using social media for requirements gathering

    In this response, requirements expert Scott Sehlhorst discusses the three main uses he has identified for social media tools in the realm of requirements.

  • Collaborative tools for software testers

    According to expert Pete Walen, testing teams make use of various collaborative tools, including Skype, instant messaging and wikis. Here he discusses the collaborative tools available and how diff...

  • Application testing for social media

    According to software testing expert Pete Walen, expectations for application performance in social media vary. Read this response for details about testing standards for applications on social net...

  • Evidence of software quality in Agile development

    Do Agile environments truly produce higher quality code and higher quality software? Expert Lisa Crispin delves into this claim, explaining what works on an Agile team.

  • When is testing in Agile complete?

    Agile development expert Lisa Crispin explains how software testers can meet objectives with each iteration and seek support from team members such as programmers and DBAs.

  • Social media: What is personal what is professional?

    In this expert response, Lisa Crispin discusses the personal and professional uses of social media and the benefits of the blending of these two areas of our online lives.

  • Agile development: Collaboration tools for learning

    In this response, Agile expert Lisa Crispin explains how Agile developers can benefit from training materials made possible with social media and collaborative tools.

  • Strategies for testing mobile applications

    Expert Kevin Parker explores all the necessary tool sets developers and testers must implement to support the mobile applications market.

  • Mobile apps: The software development lifecycle

    Mobile platforms and the array of mobile devices change the game for software developers, but is it really that different? In this response, expert Kevin Parker discusses the similarities and diffe...

  • Application availability and SaaS issues in the cloud

    Application architects and designers must not ignore failure detection and resolution when designing applications for the cloud, according to expert Kevin Parker. In this response, he suggests tips...

  • Software requirements and the importance of sequence

    Does sequence matter when you are not using use cases or process modeling techniques? Expert Sue Burk explains the importance of sequence by using a typical customer service scenario as an example.

  • Requirements management in the world of mobile devices

    Do new technologies affect the requirements gathering process? In this response, expert Sue Burk delves into this question, explaining the tenets of good requirements gathering in real and virtual ...

  • The purpose of the Agile retrospective

    In this expert response, Lisa Crispin explains various ways to conduct retrospectives, discussing what teams stand to gain from them and how they contribute to the ongoing improvements inherent in ...

  • Team leadership: Motivate your team by being genuine

    According to expert Pete Walen, team motivation stems not from sometimes phony motivational exercises, but rather from taking a real interest in the people on your team. Read this response for insi...

  • Participating in conferences and workshops

    When attending classes, conference and workshops, attendees may have unrealistic expectations of what they will gain, or how they will learn useful information. Expert Peter Walen offers some tips ...

  • Application testing in the cloud: SDLC considerations

    Applications are increasingly moving to the cloud, posing platform challenges for developers and testers. ALM expert Kevin Parker offers useful advice for selecting a cloud vendor, setting up SLAs ...

  • How to employ Agile values with a Waterfall methodology

    As Agile development has gained in popularity, the traditional methods such as Waterfall sometimes get a bad rap. However, the two methodologies do not have to be mutually exclusive. Read this resp...

  • Is Kanban an Agile methodology?

    As Agile development continues to expand, related tools and terms can be confusing. In this expert response, Lisa Crispin explains what Kanban is and how it can work together with Agile principles.

  • Release management: Software testing in production

    When asked about testing during production, most people might initially recommend against it. However, upon closer examination, expert Pete Walen offers some insights into situations where testing ...

  • Software testing during the build and release phase

    While perhaps no testing is absolutely required during the build and release phase of a project, according to expert Pete Walen, there are specific results that need to be reviewed. In this respons...