• The role of user stories in agile software development

    Agile software development puts value in working software over documentation, and user stories are the ideal requirements technique to achieve that.

  • How to test an application's scalability, performance

    To determine if your application can scale, you want to look at performance testing factors such as response time, load, mean time to failure, and performance tuning.

  • Integration testing: Is it black box or white box testing?

    Integration testing of software systems can be black box or white box testing. Learn how each can be used in this Ask the Expert Q&A with testing expert Mike Kelly.

  • Test strategy document vs. an acceptance test plan

    Test strategy documents and acceptance test plans are closely linked, so much so that it can be a point of confusion. Expert Mike Kelly explains how to navigate the fine line.

  • The future of software testing

    Should a business analyst invest time and money in software testing training or will testing jobs become scarce as more are moved offshore? Expert Mike Kelly offers his insight.

  • How to determine a software modeling technique

    Modeling can help you pull together the design of software. Expert Ken Willett explains this approach, as well as what to include in a software requirements specification.

  • Quality assurance testing vs. user acceptance testing

    There are differences between quality assurance (QA) testing and user acceptance testing (UAT), but the two test teams ought to collaborate and work together to discover issues.

  • Elicit software requirements using a variety of techniques

    Software requirements elicitation can be challenging, but you can achieve success if you have strong personal skills and use a variety of techniques, says expert Ken Willett.

  • Eliminating testing environment troubles

    If your testing environment uses data that complicates your testing process, you don't' have to suffer in silence. Talk with your DBA and make sure he understands your needs.

  • How to prevent HTTP response splitting

    HTTP response splitting is a serious Web attack that can wreak havoc on your Web applications. Security expert Ramesh Nagappan explains how this attack works and what professionals can do to preven...

  • Quality standards don't always mean fewer defects

    Are low defect rates more important than quality standards? Project management expert David Christiansen discusses when standards shouldn't be enforced and how managers can understand the distincti...

  • How to use tools for system integration testing

    Using tools for system integration testing demands an understanding of how integration testing works. Expert John Overbaugh explains how to use available technologies to successfully perform system...

  • Use cases and SRS for requirements gathering

    Before comparing use cases and software requirements specifications, you should know what each is. Requirements expert Robin Goldsmith explains how use cases and SRS work and how to use them for re...

  • How to match the test environment to the production environment

    Testers often find a gulf between test results in a test environment and test results in a production environment. Testing expert John Overbaugh offers strategies for ensuring that test results in ...

  • An approach to integration testing

    Integration testing can be thought of as the measurement of disagreements among parts of a system. Expert Mike Kelly explains how this approach to integration testing can be used.

  • Running UAT and system testing in parallel

    Conducting user acceptance testing and system testing at the same time may or may not be a good choice. Expert Baher Malek discusses the factors that testers need to consider when attempting a para...

  • Software testing methodologies should match context

    Software testers have a variety of methodologies from which they can choose. Expert Mike Kelly advises testers on how to pick a methodology that works for a testing team's particular needs.

  • Do software testers need developer experience?

    Software testers offer unique skills and perspectives on the products they work with. Developer experience may help a tester, but testing experience is much more useful, writes expert Karen N. John...

  • Choosing code coverage tools

    Code coverage is an important aspect of software testing, so how do you choose the right tool? Testing expert Mike Kelly discusses tools he's used what points testers should consider when it comes ...

  • Performance testing and experimental design

    One-factor experimental design may have a place in performance testing, but testers should be careful with this approach. Testing expert Mike Kelly provides tips for those interested in experimenta...