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October 2007

  • SOA prompts changes in quality assurance

    The use of SOA means quality assurance (QA) engineers and testers must include integration, regression, business process, performance and security testing in their test plans. More than that, they ...

  • Password recovery with .NET 2.O using C#

    ASP.NET developers can use built-in Membership controls to enhance application authentication and authorization. Expert Dan Cornell explains how to use these controls to create a password recovery ...

  • When good projects turn bad

    On any software project, you need take the time to work things out upfront so you don't have fires to put out when the application is released.

  • Agile development: Don't forget the documentation

    Eliminating documentation may speed software development, but it will create problems at the end as supporting groups try to figure out what the product actually does.

  • denial of service (DoS)

    A denial of service (DoS) attack is an incident in which a user or organization is deprived of the services of a resource they would normally expect to have. Typically, the loss of service is the i...

  • Free load and performance testing tools

    What is a good choice for a free load testing tool? Expert Dan Cornell offers his advice and explains how to get started with your testing tool.

  • How to address security during requirements gathering

    Software security is crucial, and it takes some analysis to figure out what security requirements you should include. Expert Rob Apmann explains how to determine such requirements.

  • What requirements gathering technique should you use?

    Who your audience is will determine what type of requirements gathering technique(s) you should use on your software development project. Expert Rob Apmann explains.

  • Brief: Fortify enhances its source code analysis tool

    Fortify SCA 5.0 enhances source code analysis by improving collaboration among development team members, adding support for more languages, and allowing the tool to be customized.

  • Software performance testing: There is no 'I' in 'team'

    Whether you're on a football team or software testing team, one exemplary player won't make a difference. Everyone needs to work together and support one another. Scott Barber explains in this mont...

  • Finding backdoor threats within applications

    How can you find backdoor threats in your application? Use static binary analysis, says expert Chris Wysopal.

  • The most effective time to do security testing

    For years security testing applications meant doing a pen test at deployment. But now companies now see the benefit of testing sooner, expert Chris Wysopal says.

  • Modular test case design consolidates tests

    Through modularization, testers can break down applications into reusable modules. This process may reduce redundancy and increase the maintainability of test cases and pave the way to test automat...

  • How to test a payment gateway on a Web application

    Testing a payment gateway is similar to testing other features; however, security testing plays an obviously important role. Expert John Overbaugh explains.

  • How to define a test strategy

    Having a test strategy can facilitate the testing process. Expert John Overbaugh explains how to define a test strategy and to what extent developers should be involved.

  • Making agile software development work for distributed teams

    Distributed agile software development may seem like an oxymoron, but Acteva.com is seeing success with the help of GlobalLogic and Velocity, its distributed agile development methodology.

  • How to do integration testing

    The top-down and bottom-up approaches for integration testing are both critical. Expert John Overbaugh explains the differences between them and the reasons for their importance.

  • Smoke and sanity testing

    Smoke and sanity tests are often confused with one another, but they are different. Expert Scott Barber explains what these tests are.

  • histogram

    A histogram is a display of statistical information that uses rectangles to show the frequency of data items in successive numerical intervals of equal size. In the most common form of histogram, t...

  • Eight reasons to do source code analysis on your Web application

    Source code analysis may sound like a difficult, expensive thing to do. The truth is it's a relatively easy way to ensure your Web application is secure, comply with industry and government regulat...