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  • Why we all need to take a deep breath

    Valerie Silverthorne - Senior Technology Editor 30 Nov 2016
  • Dave West, CEO of Scrum.org, is the perfect person to talk with when you feel the sky is falling. We chatted a few weeks back, when it seemed that everything -- in technology and in the world -- ...

  • Why containers aren't one size fits all

    Valerie Silverthorne - Senior Technology Editor 28 Sep 2016
  • At a time when it seems containers and microservices are practically all everyone is talking about, it's easy to think they're a no-brainer solution to so many development problems. But it's not ...

  • An inside look at an enterprise architect's world

    Valerie Silverthorne - Senior Technology Editor 16 Sep 2016
  • Is the role of enterprise architect changing? It is, and it isn't. I know that's helpful. I recently spoke with Todd Loeppke, CTO Architect for Sungard Availability Services, a company that is ...

  • Making metrics less elusive in DevOps

    Valerie Silverthorne - Senior Technology Editor 30 Aug 2016
  • Andreas Grabner, a "performance enthusiast" who works at Dynatrace, understands that metrics are the holy grail of a DevOps team, but he also knows that the information can be hard to come by on ...

  • Looking for direction at Agile 2016

    Valerie Silverthorne - Senior Technology Editor 28 Jul 2016
  • “To some extent Agile isn’t a solved problem.” “Agile needs to freaking grow up.” “We need to stop calling it Agile.” “We need to stop saying Agile makes it easy to go faster.” “Agile got us going, ...