Software Quality Insights

April 2009

  • Software security threats: Changing QA a must

    Jan Stafford - Executive Editor 17 Apr 2009
  • Software quality assurance (QA) and software security teams have long been separate islands within development organizations. That division is giving data pirates carte blanche to compromise ...

  • Simple rules, applied to code reviews

    Mike Kelly - DeveloperTown 13 Apr 2009
  • I've always found Kent Beck's Four Rules of Simple Code to be a great framework for when I think about code reviews. Those rules are: The code correctly runs all the tests. The code clearly ...

  • Tips for reducing debugging time

    Mike Kelly - DeveloperTown 10 Apr 2009
  • I recently received the following question related to debugging: Debugging takes up a lot of my team's time. What are some shortcuts, process changes or alternatives that can reduce the need to ...

  • Application performance testing issues: Cloud, virtual labs, scale-up

    Jan Stafford - Executive Editor 01 Apr 2009
  • Application performance testing used to be a standalone process, but the emergence of dynamic, complex mission-critical applications, virtualization and cloud computing calls for putting it into a ...