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Agile 2013 Conference coverage

Find all the news, tips and blogs in this Agile 2013 Conference coverage page. Speakers from the conference have shared experiences and insights on Agile, software development and project management. Find news on topics that range from automated analytics to life lessons as a developer.

Expert advice

1. Advice from Agile 2013

Speakers at Agile 2013 are full of advice on software development, Agile and team-building skills. Get the latest news from what the keynotes are discussing at this year's Agile conference.

Software developments

2. Software developments from Agile 2013

Get the latest lessons from software developer experts at Agile 2013. Speakers share their insights from several years of experience, from Agile to automated analytics.


3. Videos from Agile 2013

Click the thumbnails below to watch quick snippets from the exhibit hall at Agile 2013.