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  • Amy Reichert

    Amy Reichert

  • Matt Heusser

    Matt Heusser

  • Jennifer Lent

    Jennifer Lent

    Jennifer Lent was a site editor for and is now a major contributor.

  • Dan Cornell

    Dan Cornell

    Categories:Cloud ALM and Testing

    As a principal of Denim Group, Dan Cornell leads the technology team overseeing methodology development and project execution for Denim Group's customers.

  • Yvette Francino

    Yvette Francino

    Categories:Software Project Management

  • Robin F. Goldsmith

    Robin F. Goldsmith

    Categories:Software Requirements Gathering, Analysis, Quality and Testing

    Robin F. Goldsmith is a frequent contributing expert for multiple sites within the TechTarget network.

  • Crystal Bedell

    Crystal Bedell

    Crystal Bedell is an award-winning writer specializing in technology.

  • Peter Walen

    Peter Walen

    Categories:Software Testing For Enterprise and Mobile Applications

  • John Overbaugh

    John Overbaugh

    Categories:Application Security

  • Kevin Beaver

    Kevin Beaver

    Categories:Web and Enterprise Application Security Testing,Expert Archive

    With over 24 years of experience with enterprise security, Kevin Beaver specializes in performing independent network and application assessments and minimizing business risks.