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ALM and Agile Strategies

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Making the software process seamless, slick and simple

July 2012, Vol. 1 Iss. 3

Issue Highlights

    • Agile development provides ALM transparency for senior managers
    • Designing and implementing ALM quality dashboards
    • ALM tools: What to consider before integrating
    • Editor’s Note: Putting simplicity in the software process

Previous Issues

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  • 2012
    • Agile ALM collaboration

      May 2012, Vol. 1 Iss. 2 Includes:
      • ALM communication methods in a distributed world
      • Updating tools and processes key to overcoming SCM challenges
      • Realize full potential of agile ALM with customer collaboration
      • Developing collaboration, automation strategies throughout the software lifecycle
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    • Agile ALM: Trends in SCCS, requirements management

      March 2012, Vol 1. Iss. 1 Includes:
      • Hosting in cloud computing: Using Software as a Service for source code control
      • Agile ALM automation strategies: Using source code control tactics
      • Trends in ALM: Requirements management tools
      • Editor’s note: Version control and requirements management tools
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