Continuous integration: Achieving speed and quality in release management

Continuous integration: Achieving speed and quality in release management

Learn how to implement continuous integration and automated testing practices as part of your release management strategy.

Continuous integration is being used in Agile release management to speed the time to delivery without sacrificing quality. Executive managers, project managers and development teams can use this guide to help understand and implement continuous integration as part of their release management strategy.

The processes involved in software development such as writing, building, integrating, testing, debugging, and deploying software applications can be very time-consuming and filled with complexity. Continuous integration, by automating and integrating the different parts of these processes that are repeatable, allow development teams to dramatically improve delivery time. At the same time, automation test can execute tests in a fraction of the time of manual test efforts, freeing up testers to do more exploratory testing, ultimately leading to a higher quality product. The whole team is more productive because they are able to focus on the creative parts of the processes that can’t be automated.

This guide will explain the many facets of continuous integration, from explaining how to automate your processes from code check-in through deployment, to exploring the tools, to creating a continuous integration strategy that’s right for your organization.

Table of contents:

Automating release management using continuous integration

Release management can be complicated and error-prone when done manually. However, by adding automated regression tests and continuous integration, you can let computers do the work in a fraction of the time. This four-part series of tips by Howard Deiner teaches the benefits and steps necessary to automate your release processes from code check-in to deployment.

Steps for automating release management processes

Tools for continuous integration

Test-driven development, automation and continuous integration are being touted as some of the most valuable practices for Agile software teams, but some organizations don’t know where to begin. Here managers will learn about tools that can facilitate automation in the release management process.

CI tools for managers

Strategies for implementing CI and automated testing

With continuous integration, is all the regression testing done as part of the build? What are the security concerns associated with CI? Learn how to avoid complications when implementing continuous integration and automated testing practices in the following stories.

CI implementation tips