Social media: A guide to enhancing ALM with collaborative tools

Social media: A guide to enhancing ALM with collaborative tools

Learn how social media is changing the way businesses collaborate and the way teams engage in software development. Read about new social tools and how they can enhance ALM in your organization.

As social media continues to change the way our world communicates and the way businesses operate, boundaries between business and social are blurring. At the same time, organizations are focusing on increased collaboration.

In this guide, we bring you tips, stories and answers from experts that demonstrate how social media is allowing us improved collaboration in all aspects of ALM and opening more opportunities for teaming, regardless of physical locality. Project managers and team leaders will learn how to make the most of these technologies, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Table of contents:

New tools for communication in business

Social media provides a new way of communicating that organizations are taking advantage of throughout the application lifecycle. In this series of articles, we see that social media tools and features are being used for collaboration between internal teams and even in product management to have conversations with customers. Managers, including CIOs, product managers and project managers, who are interested in understanding how they can best capitalize on social media will benefit from learning more about how social media is being used throughout the application lifecycle.

Distance collaboration in ALM

Distributed teams are a reality that today’s enterprise organizations need to embrace. Though challenges exist, collaborative tools and social media allow us to effectively communicate regardless of our physical location. In this series of tips, new technologies and ALM tools with social features are described which provide the savvy manager ideas of how distributed teams can be used to the organization’s advantage.

Tips on distance collaboration

Social media in ALM: Insights from the experts

In this series of expert responses, find out how SSQ’s experts answer questions about social media is being used in every facet of the lifecycle, from product management to security.