Software Test Professionals Conference and Expo overview

Software Test Professionals Conference overview

Join our team as they prepare for and attend the 2013 STP Conference. Get the latest software testing news as it happens at the epicenter of test professionals.

Software Test Professionals Conference Spring 2013, held in San Diego, joins together software test professionals, including testers, test and QA managers and senior test professionals, to network and receive advanced education. Learn about the latest tools, trends and issues affecting software testing and get best practice methods designed to testing challenges.

Table of contents:

STP 2013: What to expect

Get an inside look from our experts as they prepare to attend the Software Test Professionals Conference 2013. Learn what experts in the software testing industry expect to see at the expo and what they're planning to present. Get a backstage pass into what is to be expected.

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STP 2013: News and Video Coverage

Our team is sharing up-to-the-minute software testing news straight from the 2013 STP Conference. Find the latest in expert advice, testing solution ideas and software testing technology updates here.

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