• September 08, 2011 08 Sep'11

    Application lifecycle management (ALM) trends

    At the Agile 2011 conference, plenty of ALM vendors were available to talk about their latest products and enhancements. Trends in ALM include broadening of ALM, both at the front and back ends of ...

  • September 02, 2011 02 Sep'11

    Agile service provider Ci&T opens nearshore delivery center

    Ci&T, a provider of software product engineering and application development, announced the opening of a new nearshore delivery center in Argentina. The center, with its near-local proximity, ...

  • August 29, 2011 29 Aug'11

    Management trends: Author encourages innovation and creativity

    As business changes, so does the way we manage people. In this interview with author Leen Zevenbergen, we discuss changes in management practices and Zevenbergen's new book, Rip Off Your Necktie and Dance. Zevenbergen talks about bringing more ...

  • August 19, 2011 19 Aug'11

    Agile 2011: Speakers, vendors, analysts and participants

    Agile 2011, the annual conference put on by the Agile Alliance, was held August 8th through 13th in Salt Lake City, in honor of the ten year anniversary of the Agile Manifesto, which was crafted ...

  • August 15, 2011 15 Aug'11

    uTest expands to security and localization testing through crowdsourced services

    Today announced that it is expanding from its traditional focus on functional testing to include a suite of end-to-end testing services that encompass security testing and localization testing. SSQ ...

  • August 11, 2011 11 Aug'11

    VersionOne CEO Robert Holler announces strategic partnerships

    This afternoon I had the pleasure of speaking to Robert Holler, CEO of VersionOne, one of the conference title sponsors at Agile 2011. VersionOne has a new UI and a number of recent enhancements, ...

  • August 11, 2011 11 Aug'11

    Rally Software expands offerings with more Kanban and portfolio management

    Rally Software, one of the title sponsors here at the Agile 2011 conference in Salt Lake City, has made several announcements about enhancements to their offerings. Tune in to the two video clips ...

  • August 11, 2011 11 Aug'11

    ThoughtWorks announcements at Agile 2011

    Representatives from ThoughtWorks and ThoughtWorks Studio were available today at the Agile 2011 conference to talk about their latest offerings. In this set of videos you'll hear from Continuous ...

  • August 10, 2011 10 Aug'11

    Embedded systems development gets attention at Agile 2011

    One Agile trend I've noticed is that its practices and techniques are now being accepted in more in areas that traditionally did not use the methodology, such as embedded systems. As evidence of ...

  • August 10, 2011 10 Aug'11

    Behavior driven development (BDD) with Liz Keogh

    At the Agile Alliance 2011 conference in Salt Lake City, there are 268 sessions, so choosing which ones to attend has been a challenge. Behavior driven development (or BDD) is an area that I hadn't ...

  • August 09, 2011 09 Aug'11

    Agile 2011 keynote: Positive emotions will lead to increased awareness

    Tuesday morning's Agile 2011 keynote, "Why Care about Positive Emotions?" by Positivity author Barbara Fredrickson taught us how positive psychology has proven that positive emotions help us become ...

  • August 09, 2011 09 Aug'11

    Decision making and Agile self-directed teams

    Agile 2011 is starting off with a bang here in Salt Lake City. With 16 different tracks and so many high-profile speakers, it's tough to make a decision about which sessions to attend. Perhaps it ...

  • August 09, 2011 09 Aug'11

    Positive psychology on Agile teams

    Everyone, including Agile team members, can benefit from the power of positive thinking. The keynote speaker at this year’s Agile 2011 conference, Barbara Fredrickson, explained how positive psychology relates to success in Agile development, ...

  • August 09, 2011 09 Aug'11

    Contract negotiations evolve with Agile development: Q&A with Angela Druckman

    Standard methods for contract negotiation are changing as organizations adopt Agile development, according to Agile 2011 presenter Angela Druckman. This inteview examines practical considerations for developing contracts in an Agile environment.

  • August 08, 2011 08 Aug'11

    Tasktop presents new ALM synchronization tool

    Monday Tasktop announced the release of the first real-time ALM synchronization tool, Tasktop Sync, which enables instant communication for collaboration between testers and developers, as well as ...