• August 05, 2011 05 Aug'11

    Performance test tool announcements

    This month, SSQ has been focusing on application performance management (APM) with a variety of articles and tips on the topic. But as performance test trainer and coach Scott Barber says, ...

  • July 28, 2011 28 Jul'11

    Agile Alliance conference 2011: Using Agile outside of IT

    At the Atlanta Scrum Users Group meeting, Agile Alliance 2011 speaker Leeann Berner gave a preview of her conference presentation. As an Agile Marketer with VersionOne, Inc., Leeann is interested ...

  • July 28, 2011 28 Jul'11

    Preview of Agile2011: Agile project management and enterprise Agile

    The Atlanta Scrum Users Group met on July 27 to discuss the Agile Alliance 2011 conference, as some group members will be presenting at this year's conference. Agile coach Mike Cottmeyer of ...

  • July 21, 2011 21 Jul'11

    Application performance management in the cloud

    "Performance testing just ain't easy," says well-known performance test expert Scott Barber. But as he says in our interview regarding the CloudTest Lite announcement, doing it in the cloud offers ...

  • July 21, 2011 21 Jul'11

    Organizational change management tools with Esther Derby

    Learn what Esther Derby has to say about organizational change tools such as Eoyang CDE and Expand the Horizon and how they can give you a systematic view, helping to resolve problems.

  • July 21, 2011 21 Jul'11

    Leadership theories: What they don't teach in management training

    Often management training glosses over the critical thinking skills needed to institute organizational leadership, according to Esther Derby. She explains more in this Q&A.

  • July 19, 2011 19 Jul'11

    Free performance test tool from SOASTA: CloudTest Lite

    Today SOASTA announced CloudTest Lite, a free, enterprise-class performance test tool for Web and mobile performance testing in the cloud. I spoke with SOASTA's CEO, Tom Lounibos, and the ...

  • July 19, 2011 19 Jul'11

    Free online training for secure application development this summer

    If you or any members of your team are interested in improving application security and strategies you can use to ensure secure coding and development of your applications, one convenient and ...

  • July 18, 2011 18 Jul'11

    Business analysis in Agile development: Q&A with Mary Gorman

    How do you effectively get business requirements from the customer in Agile environments? Read this interview between Agile experts Lisa Crispin and Mary Gorman for tips.

  • July 18, 2011 18 Jul'11

    Agile Alliance 2011 conference news

    The Agile Alliance 2011 conference hosted an array of experts. Learn about Agile development, exploratory testing, Scrum and software testing with Q&As and videos from the speakers.

  • July 15, 2011 15 Jul'11

    Scrum in sales: Q&A with Scrum founding father Jeff Sutherland

    As Scrum grows as a software development methodology, it also has expanded to business areas including marketing, management, operations and sales. Learn more in this interview with one of Scrum's founding fathers, Jeff Sutherland.

  • July 15, 2011 15 Jul'11

    Large-scale Agile product management with Alan Shalloway

    Learn more about the struggles large organizations face when transitioning to Agile, and how to address these issues, in SSQ contributor Matt Heusser’s interview with Agile 2011 presenter Alan Shalloway.

  • July 15, 2011 15 Jul'11

    Developers testing software: Q&A with Agile guru Elisabeth Hendrickson

    Agile guru Elisabeth Hendrickson explains her thoughts on programmers who test their own code and also explains more about her roles on Entaggle and the Agile Alliance Functional Test Tools efforts.

  • July 08, 2011 08 Jul'11

    Application performance management with author Michael J. Sydor

    Application performance management (APM) is an important and complex piece of software development. In his book, APM best practices: Realizing Application Performance Management, Michael J. Sydor ...

  • June 23, 2011 23 Jun'11

    The difficulties of managing change

    What do you think of when you hear the words "change management?" Do you think about big organizational change and the processes needed to help gain acceptance? Do you think of managing ...