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VersionOne surveys Agile development for 2015


Top five Agile techniques

Source:  VersionOne
Designer: Christopher Seero/TechTarget

The top five Agile techniques found in VersionOne's 2015 survey probably won't surprise anyone. They are what we all do regularly (or, at least, we should be): daily standup (an impressive 80% of respondents chose this technique), short iterations, prioritized backlogs, iteration planning and retros. Other well-known strategies included release planning, unit testing, team-based estimation, iteration reviews and task board. Fifty percent of people pointed to continuous integration as a top Agile technique, even though it can be something of a struggle if not done right. And even the newer strategies had their share of votes -- 34% of respondents voted for test-driven development, while 31% chose kanban and 24% gave a shout out to continuous development. At this point, behavior-driven development was last on the list with just 9% of votes and Agile games had only 13% of the votes, despite a growing interest in this area.

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An interesting question would be do they do these things because they are agile, or because they learned something like Scrum
I wonder how many of these are really recognized as agile, as opposed to being attributes of various agile methodologies such as Scrum.