Agile 101: What you need to know about agile software development

Advocates of agile development say this methodology is ideal for creating software. John Scumniotales, co-creator of Scrum, discusses in this podcast what's involved when using agile and where the methodology will be five years from now.

John Scumniotales
John Scumniotales, co-creator of Scrum

Advocates of agile software development say this development methodology is the ideal way to create software. You are able to create software faster and better meet the needs of your customer. But like all things, nothing is perfect. To find out what's involved when using agile -- the good and the bad -- spoke with John Scumniotales, co-creator of the agile methodology Scrum and vice president of Application Lifecycle Management products at Serena Software.

In this interview, John talks about the state of agile development today, what it means to be agile, how testing and QA fit in, and where he sees agile development five years from now.

The podcast may be downloaded here: Agile 101: What you need to know about agile software development

(To listen to the podcast now, left click on the link. To download it and save it for later, right click on it.)

This was first published in November 2007

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