Building security into the SDLC (Software development life cycle)

Building security into the SDLC (Software development life cycle) News

  • April 27, 2015 27 Apr'15

    Data privacy lawyer explains 'data by design'

    Data privacy lawyer Jeff Kosseff discussed the current state of data privacy law as it applies to big data at the Big Data Tech Con in Boston.

  • December 17, 2010 17 Dec'10

    Requirements management with embedded software: Interview with IntraPace

    What are the important considerations of a requirements management tool when developing embedded software for a medical device? In this Q&A with IntraPace software development manager Mace Volzing, SSQ asks about managing requirements for the ...

  • November 03, 2010 03 Nov'10

    Glitch author seeks mandated software quality controls

    In Part 2 of this SSQ interview with Glitch author Jeff Papows, we learn more about Papows' proposal for an IT Governance Manifesto which would mandate higher standards of quality for life-threatening software. Papows warns of the dangers of not ...

  • August 24, 2009 24 Aug'09

    GatherSpace beefs up cloud-based requirements management

    GatherSpace version 2 is now available and continues to offer low-cost software requirements gathering technology that is easily learned and easily implemented. According to GatherSpace founder Darren Levy, "It's painlessly easy to use, and an ...

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  • Software security testing: Where to start

    For those of us new to software security testing, it can be an intimidating field of study. Where do the veterans suggest we begin? Continue Reading

  • application security

    Application security is the use of software, hardware, and procedural methods to protect applications from external threats. Once an afterthought in software design, security is becoming an increasingly important concern during development as ... Continue Reading

  • SQL injection

    SQL injection is a type of security exploit in which the attacker adds Structured Query Language (SQL) code to a Web form input box to gain access to resources or make changes to data. Continue Reading

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