Internet Application Security

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  • Burton: Web services security standards promising

    A Burton analyst says the WS-* security stack is on track, but organizations still need to think through security policies and implement a layered security strategy. 

  • ASP.NET 2.0 MVP Hacks and Tips -- Chapter 14, Security Hacks

    Secure ASP.NET application development is easy with these security hacks. This free chapter provides ASP.NET 2.0 developers with tips to prevent exploits such as SQL injection in .NET Web applications. 

  • New SAP business unit to focus on compliance

    SAP is creating a new business unit to wrap its compliance products with software from its recent acquisition of compliance software vendor, Virsa Systems Inc. 

  • Zero-day flaws target 'safe' programs

    The SANS Institute says many critical flaws are appearing in programs long considered to be safe alternatives to Windows. Apple's reputation, in particular, "is in tatters." 

  • How to protect your Web site against buffer overruns

    Buffer overflow exploits can be a serious security threat. Application security activities expert Jeremiah Grossman explains how to prevent these attacks. 

  • SSL protects data in transit, but not apps

    SSL is critical for protecting data in transit to the Web server, but security expert Brad Arkin says other security measures are required to protect the end points of the connection against other types of attacks. 

  • SOA's orphan standard WS-Policy finds a home at W3C

    The W3C accepts the Web services specification WS-Policy for standards consideration, bringing a key component for SOA into the public domain. 

  • Application security defense in depth: Strategies to lock down your Web apps

    Web applications need a layered approach to tackling security. Most organizations have deployed this at at the infrastructure level, but now experts say it's time to apply that approach to application security as well. 

  • SQL injection: Developers fight back

    SQL injection attacks are a popular threat against application security. Anurag Agarwal provides 10 steps developers can use to secure their Web applications against SQL injection. 

  • Myth-busting Web application buffer overflows

    If someone managed to exploit a buffer overflow in a Web application, it would result in a critical situation. But the chance of that happening to a custom Web application is slim. Focus instead on cross-site scripting and SQL injection vulnerabiliti...