Internet Application Security

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  • The cloud: Does it fit into your business model?

    In this tip, SSQ contributor David W. Johnson discusses four factors that will help you determine whether investing in cloud computing is appropriate for your business. 

  • Test automation: Three approaches to browser testing

    Test automation when working with Web browsers can present challenges, such as slowly-loading pages, checking for sorted data, and testing static data. In this tip, SSQ contributor Chris McMahon describes these problems and how they can be addressed ... 

  • What does "security testing" of my application actually mean?

    What does a manager mean by "security testing"? In this response, expert Pete Walen offers insights into the broad category of application security testing and also recommends asking for clarification about the needs for your specific project. 

  • Overcoming the challenges of cross-site scripting testing

    Cross-site scripting (XSS) is the most common security vulnerability in the Internet today. In this tip, security expert John Overbaugh will explain what XSS is and will show techniques to test for these types of attacks. By using a combination of co... 

  • Application development: Security that won't weaken performance

    Security is important, but what happens when adding code to address security affects performance or usability? In this tip, SSQ contributor Crystal Bedell gives three best practices experts recommend for ensuring your application is secure, while sti... 

  • Application security: Testing for injection vulnerabilities

    A top security vulnerability in Web applications is an injection attack -- one in which the Web application is tricked into treating input as if it were code, allowing a hacker to gain control of an application. In this tip, security expert John Over... 

  • How to best security test your applications: Collaboration and outsourcing

    Security testing is an important factor in the application development process, and fortunately there are specialists who work to ensure that applications are as secure as possible. However, it can be difficult to know when it is necessary to outsour... 

  • Application security: Protecting application availability, data confidentiality and integrity

    Network security and application security are both important in keeping your applications safe from hackers. In this tip, security engineer John Overbaugh focuses on application security, which is needed to protect the confidentiality, availability a... 

  • Boost network security using firewalls, encryption and logging

    Which is more important, network or application security? Well, the answer, of course, is both. In this first part of a two-part series, security engineer John Overbaugh starts by describing the differences between network and application security, a... 

  • Strategies for optimizing browser compatibility testing

    In this expert response, consultant Karen Johnson describes strategies she uses for browser compatibility testing. Experience and knowledge of common vulnerabilities and developers' preferences can be helpful in knowing which areas to attack first.