Mobile Application Testing Techniques and Tools

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  • Wirth's Law

    Wirth's Law states that computer software increases in complexity faster than does the ability of available hardware to run it... (Continued) 

  • debugging

    In computers, debugging is the process of locating and fixing or bypassing bugs (errors) in computer program code or the engineering of a hardware device. 

  • functional programming

    Functional programming is a style of programming that emphasizes the evaluation of expressions rather than the execution of commands. 

  • shotgun debugging

    Shotgun debugging is the debugging of a program, hardware, or system problem using the approach of trying several possible solutions at the same time in the hope that one of them will work. 

  • context-driven testing

    Context-driven testing is a paradigm for developing and debugging computer software that takes into account the ways in which the programs will be used or are expected to be used in the real world... (Continued) 

  • Top ten threats to mobile enterprise security

    OWASP's list of the top ten mobile security risks sheds light on mobile enterprise security concerns that all mobile app testers should be aware of. 

  • Jason Huggins demos software testing improvements at STPCon 2011

    Watch this STPCon 2011 video of Jason Huggins of Selenium and Sauce Labs, in which he gives some information about his conference demonstration. He relates software testing improvement ideas to his handmade robot that can play Angry Birds on an iPhon... 

  • Improving software testing productivity using record-playback

    Test pro describes the benefits and shortcomings of record-playback software testing tools, and offers recommendations in this podcast. 

  • Lieberman Enterprise Random Password Manager

    Phillip Lieberman, president of Leiberman Software cited several ways developers can use the new Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) to ensure the security of their applications. 

  • Parasoft SOA Quality Solution, SOAtest 6

    Simplifying end-to-end testing is the key goal of the new Parasoft SOA Quality Solution, SOAtest 6, according to Wayne Ariola, strategy vice president for Parasoft Corp., Monrovia, CA. 

  • AMD's AVX instruction set

    Advanced Micro Devices' (AMD) Margaret Lewis described in our interview how AMD's new Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) provide relief from hardware inconsistency problems that plague software developers. 

  • Developer Express' DXperience 2009

    DXperience v2009 volume 1 puts more oomph into the product suite's Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight tools and makes its IDE productivity tools more stable and robust. 

  • AviCode Intercept Studio

    AviCode Intercept Studio, a .NET application monitoring suite, won the Best of TechEd 2009 award for developer tools. 

  • JNBridge Pro 4.1

    Wayne Citrin, CTO of JNBridge (Boulder, CO), touted the broader interoperability capabilities the May 11 release of version 4.1 brings to the core product. 

  • Infragistics NetAdvantage for .NET

    Infragistics lead technical evangelist Anthony Lombardo gave tours of the new release of Infragistics NetAdvantage for .NET, a user interface (UI) controls offering that helps speed up builds of robust UIs. 

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About Mobile Application Testing Techniques and Tools

The onset of mobile devices and mobile application development has necessitated advances in mobile application testing techniques and tools. Mobile application testing must be performed on both software and hardware. With the vast number of devices available, testing on supported devices can often be a challenge so mobile simulators or emulators may be used initially, though often there are defects related to the physical device. Crowdsource techniques are used by some to allow for testing of mobile devices.