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  • Tips to locate reliable security testing services

    Developers without a security expert often rely on a third-party testing service. Software expert Dan Cornell provides some tips for the search.

  • Can software testing services like uTest handle security?

    Companies without security expertise in-house may consider outsourcing security testing. Security expert Kevin Beaver suggests this is the wrong path.

  • data center outsourcing (DCO)

    DCO (data center outsourcing) is the practice of outsourcing the day-to-day provisioning and management of computing and storage resources and environments to a third party provider.

  • Software quality gets customer-focused, stops being 'inside-out'

    Today's mobile apps answer directly to the consumer in many cases. Customer-focused design is quickly outpacing 'inside-out' requirements.

  • Application development outsourcing: Cost-saving SMB mobile strategy?

    In's first tweet jam, participants proposed a cost-saving SMB mobile strategy focused on application development outsourcing.

  • Do in-house testers beat an outsourced security testing service?

    Security testing is very specialized. Is it better to outsource this effort or should in-house testers be responsible for security testing?

  • Software development: CAST study identifies massive technical debt

    A recent study conducted by CAST used their Application Intelligence Platform to evaluate the structural quality of 365 million lines of code. In this interview with CAST’s chief scientist Dr. Bill Curtis, he discusses the study and what IT decision makers can do about technical debt.

  • How to best security test your applications: Collaboration and outsourcing

    Security testing is an important factor in the application development process, and fortunately there are specialists who work to ensure that applications are as secure as possible. However, it can be difficult to know when it is necessary to outsource security testing and how much in-house collaboration is needed. In this response, Mike Jones offers expert advice on these aspects of security testing.

  • Practicing Scrum with outsourced QA teams

    QA and testing are integral parts of software development, and expert Lisa Crispin holds that the team operates more effectively when QA is not outsourced. However, when this isn't possible, the quality testing group must be involved in daily scrum meetings and other collaborative practices. This response offers suggestions for working with an outsourced QA team.

  • Best practices for mixing Agile and outsourcing

    Software consultant Nari Kannan describes how to mix Agile practices with outsourcing. Some of the best practices that can be adopted to make this effort successful are reducing risks up front with hybrid Agile models, organizing work in special ways specifically for outsourcing, reigning in possible runaway scope with change order processes, and modifying quality assurance organization and methods appropriately.

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