Software Quality Management

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  • spaghetti code

    Spaghetti code is a derogatory term for computer programming that is unnecessarily convoluted, and particularly programming code that uses frequent branching from one section of code to another. 

  • reverse engineering

    Reverse engineering is taking apart an object to see how it works in order to duplicate or enhance the object... (Continued) 

  • The Death Star Conspiracy as software testing ethics training

    Take a satirical look at the facts behind the destruction of the Death Star and learn about the need for ethics training in software QA management. 

  • Noah Sussman of Etsy presents at STPCon 2011

    In this video, Noah Sussman from talks about recent changes at Etsy, including production, release and code testing changes that have resulted in company growth. He presented at STPCon 2011, advising on how to manage quality in a fast-paced ... 

About Software Quality Management

Software quality management (SQM) refers to the processes used to manage quality in software applications. Software quality management would include defining standards, regulations and processes that would verify work products delivered through the software development lifecycle (SDLC.) Software quality management would also work towards incorporating a knowledge base of best practices, selecting tools to manage the various aspects of quality, monitoring status and verifying and evaluating current methods, procedures and tools with the aim of continuous improvement.