Software Quality Management

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  • Countermeasures to e-voting security flaws

    Election security researcher Eric Lazarus and computer security expert Steven Spoonamore explain what can be done to eliminate e-voting security flaws. 

  • E-voting machines still vulnerable in 2008

    Security researchers have concluded that e-voting machines are vulnerable to serious attacks. However, safeguards can be enacted to offset these risks. 

  • A software quality crisis is brewing

    A large number of companies reportedly have little regard for the quality of their software. This must change, says Colin Armitage. 

  • Manage component dependencies for improved system quality

    Too much coupling of code within a system makes the system hard to understand, integrate, extend, and test. By managing dependencies via 3NF, for example, you can prevent such problems, as well as allow for agility. Kevlin Henney explains what depend... 

  • Strong software QA has theoretical, technical aspects

    In a software organization, QA professionals need to embody both the technical "doer" and theoretical "thinker" mentality in order to be well-rounded and successful. 

  • Software quality best practices

    We recently offered our readers the opportunity to blog about software quality and software testing. We've gathered a selection of content from their blogs on software quality best practices. 

  • Automated tool offers improved project risk assessment

    CAST's Application Intelligence Platform 6.2 features advanced analytics, integration with third-party code analyzers, CAST's new "Action Plan" feature, as well as expanded rules coverage. 

  • Why code quality matters

    Poor code quality is a disaster waiting to happen. For example, making changes to bad code can result in broken code. Kevlin Henney explains the importance of catching problems in code at the source so that they don't manifest into large problems tha... 

  • Strong quality assurance process adds value to SDLC, ITIL

    The quality assurance (QA) department needs to be involved with software and Infrastructure changes to ensure the functionality, security, and performance. 

  • Continuous integration reduces bugs, increases productivity

    Development teams can use continuous integration (CI) to find and fix bugs, share knowledge and generally work better together, Agile coach Jared Richardson told attendees at the Better Software conference.