Software Quality Management

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  • Defect tracking: Lean principles for getting the right data at the right time

    In this tip, author Paul E. McMahon describes how Lean principles can be used to help determine when defect tracking is appropriate for your organization and what type of data is important to collect. 

  • Quality metrics: A guide to measuring software quality


  • Software quality: When defect tracking is not necessary

    In Quality metrics: Defect tracking throughout the software lifecycle, we explored the argument in favor of tracking defects throughout the lifecycle. In this second article in the two-part series, we look at the other side. 

  • Quality metrics: Defect tracking throughout the software lifecycle

    Though software test experts do agree on a lot, the question of whether or not to track defects before code is released to production is a subject of great debate. In this two-part series, we will look at both sides of the issue, starting with the ar... 

  • Code coverage: Beyond the basics

    Code coverage tools will tell you how much of your code has been executed when you run your tests, but what can we do with that information? In this second of a two-part series, consultant Mike Kelly explores code coverage more deeply. 

  • Changes in the way we measure software quality

    Over the years, the way we have developed software has changed, and thus the way we measure software quality has changed. In this third of our three-part interview with Capers Jones and Olivier Bonsignour, co-authors of “The Economics of Software Qua... 

  • Software quality attributes and their rankings

    How much do Agile techniques, Agile methodologies, automation, certifications, and a formal QA team affect quality? In this second part of a three-part interview, we explore some of the 121 software attributes ranked by quality value. 

  • Quality metrics: The economics of software quality

    In the first of a three-part interview with co-authors Capers Jones and Olivier Bonsignour, we are introduced to their new book, “The Economics of Software Quality.” They describe “structural quality” vs. “functional quality,” along with challenges a... 

  • Noah Sussman of Etsy presents at STPCon 2011

    In this video, Noah Sussman from talks about recent changes at Etsy, including production, release and code testing changes that have resulted in company growth. He presented at STPCon 2011, advising on how to manage quality in a fast-paced ... 

  • Transitioning to Agile development: What about quality assurance?

    It's not uncommon for QA managers and testers to feel displaced in an Agile transition. In this tip, Agile expert Lisa Crispin explains the important role of the QA manager in an Agile environment.