Software Security Test Best Practices

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  • Jump-start software testing and quality assurance

    Developing effective, efficient software involves much more than coding. There is a whole host of management and teamwork considerations that can make or break a development or quality assurance project, but identifying and implementing best practice... 

  • crowdsource testing

    Crowdsource testing is the practice of sending out prototype software and products to broad groups of people for testing rather than having testing performed internally. Crowdsource testing allows more individuals to participate, often at a reduced c... 

  • destructive testing

    Destructive testing is a software assessment method used to find points of failure in a program. 

  • exploratory testing

    Exploratory testing is an approach to software assessment that integrates learning about the program with designing the test and conducting the testing processes. The simultaneous process ensures that developers have a more comprehensive understandin... 

  • static verification

    Static verification is the set of processes that analyzes code to ensure defined coding practices are being followed, without executing the application itself. 

About Software Security Test Best Practices

Software security testing verifies that the software complies with security requirements. A security test plan would specify security requirements and tests that should be performed to locate weaknesses or situations that would cause a violation of security requirements. Security testing should include testing for confidentiality, integrity, authentication, authorization, availability and non-repudiation. The security requirements should consider each of these areas and security test should be performed to verify compliance.