Software Testing Best Practices

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  • Electric utility device testing in the smart grid era

    Learn how to test your electric utility device, and why it makes sense to do this in the age of the smart grid.

  • accessibility testing

    Accessibility testing is a type of systems testing designed to determine whether individuals with disabilities will be able to use the system in question, which could be software, hardware, or some other type of system.

  • static testing

    Static testing is a software testing method that involves examination of the program's code and its associated documentation but does not require the program be executed.

  • ad hoc test

    An ad hoc test is an unplanned and undocumented procedure designed to assess the viability of a product. The success of ad hoc testing relies upon the ability of the testers and their knowledge of the system.

  • Finding more defects with Agile exploratory testing

    Agile exploratory testing can help teams discover more defects, allowing everyone on the team to explore all the ways a customer can use the application.

  • Software testers as qualitative researchers: STAREAST 2012 keynote

    The qualitative research methods employed by social scientists are not so different from the work of software testers, according to STAREAST 2012 keynote speaker Michael Bolton.

  • Software Testing Analysis and Review conference

    The STAREAST software test conference provides opportunities for learning and networking for those in the quality assurance and software test industry. Find exclusive pre-conference interviews with well-known experts, stories, video clips from the conference, photos and more.

  • STAREAST 2012: Session-based exploratory testing with Bob Galen

    Exploratory testing is an unscripted test approach commonly used in the Agile community. At the upcoming STAREAST 2012 conference, consultant and trainer Bob Galen will be speaking about Session-based exploratory testing (SBET), a method of exploratory testing introduced by Jon Bach which applies charters and sessions to exploratory testing. Galen discusses SBET and how it’s used in Agile environments in this Q&A.

  • Software testers on Agile teams shift to exploratory testing and code quality

    Find out what authors of "Essential Skills for the Agile Developer: A Guide to Better Programming and Design" feel is the new role of the tester and why this role continues to be essential.

  • Software development bugs: How to identify and prevent them

    With strong Agile practices such as unit testing, code reviews and proper attention to requirements, bugs can be prevented or found early in the application lifecycle.

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