Stress, Load and Software Performance Testing

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  • load testing software

    Load testing software is an evaluation tool for determining how an application will perform as the work level approaches the limits of the application's specifications. 

  • minify

    Code minification (to minify) is the removal of unnecessary characters from programming code. The term is often associated with interpreted scripted languages that are deployed and transmitted over the Internet. 

  • integration testing or integration and testing (I&T)

    Integration testing, also known as integration and testing (I&T), is a software development process which program units are combined and tested as groups in multiple ways. In this context, a unit is defined as the smallest testable part of an applica... 

  • performance testing

    Performance testing is the process of determining the speed or effectiveness of a computer, network or software program or device... (Continued) 

  • stress testing

    Stress testing is the process of determining the ability of a computer, network, program or device to maintain a certain level of effectiveness under unfavorable conditions... (Continued) 

  • shotgun debugging

    Shotgun debugging is the debugging of a program, hardware, or system problem using the approach of trying several possible solutions at the same time in the hope that one of them will work. 

  • Noah Sussman of Etsy presents at STPCon 2011

    In this video, Noah Sussman from talks about recent changes at Etsy, including production, release and code testing changes that have resulted in company growth. He presented at STPCon 2011, advising on how to manage quality in a fast-paced ... 

About Stress, Load and Software Performance Testing

Software performance testing is done on a system to assess if an application will meet the specified performance criteria. Performance testing can test load, simulating a heavy load such as many users or large chunks of data going through the system. Stress tests, which are tests to test the upper limits of load that a system can endure, are a form of performance testing. Performance tests monitor such things as throughput, system latency, or response time. Monitors can be used post-deployment to help troubleshoot or alert the team of performance delays that might occur.