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  • Electric utility device testing in the smart grid era

    Learn how to test your electric utility device, and why it makes sense to do this in the age of the smart grid.

  • Select MAM tools with critical criteria in mind

    An MAM tool should be selected based on comprehensive criteria that address security for personal devices with corporate data on them.

  • Creating and implementing a mobile testing strategy

    Mobile application testing is both a critical and a complex component of mobile application development. It is crucial to have a clearly defined and well-developed mobile testing strategy and framework. The main components of a mobile application...

  • GUI testing in the M2M world

    Learn about easier GUI testing and user interfaces in embedded and mobile devices.

  • Three STPCon speakers tackle mobile device proliferation

    Device proliferation is a growing problem when it comes to mobile app testing. Three STPCon speakers offer their insights on how to approach it.

  • FAQ: Software testing in the cloud

    Cloud computing has boomed in recent years, and the world of software development has caught on with the phenomenon. The technology might not be right for every enterprise, but cloud is not just a passing trend. Software testing in the cloud has...

  • Debunking test CoE myths

    In an effort to reduce cost, increase speed to market and improve quality, many organizations look to the test center of excellence as a solution. Some do so without really understanding what it is, what the benefits are and how to get there....

  • MAM tool options abound for developers

    Mobile application management is a critical component of controlling corporate applications and data in today's mobile enterprise. The mobile devices corporate employees use to access corporate applications and data can be tools for huge...

  • embedded device

    An embedded device is an object that contains a special-purpose computing system. The system, which is completely enclosed by the object, may or may not be able to connect to the Internet.

  • Embedded system applications present new challenges

    As interest in the Internet of Things and mobile devices continues to grow, companies are recognizing the value of embedded systems to collect data and control machinery....

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