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  • Agile application lifecycle management is not an oxymoron

    Learn how Agile application lifecycle management supports the development process for better software and business needs.

  • Software lifecycle: Rethinking requirements - and the tester's role

    When specifying requirements at the outset of software lifecycle, maybe "less is more"-- and testers should step up to fill in the gaps.

  • A secure development lifecycle protects software from vulnerabilities

    Security professional John Overbaugh explains how designing a secure development lifecycle can help teams implement more secure code.

  • product lifecycle

    The product lifecycle is the collective stages that a product goes through from its conception and design through to its ultimate disposal. The lifecycle stages are generally categorized as beginning-of-life (BOL),...

  • product lifecycle sustainability

    Product lifecycle sustainability is an approach to managing the stages of a product’s existence so that any negative impact on the environment is minimized. The degree of sustainability is largely determined during the beginning of...

  • product lifecycle (in marketing)

    The product lifecycle, in a marketing context, is all the stages of a product's life span that are related to its promotion and sales. The marketing lifecycle is traditionally broken down into four stages:...

  • product lifecycle management (PLM)

    Product lifecycle management (PLM) is a systematic approach to managing the series of changes a product goes through, from its design and development to its ultimate retirement or disposal. PLM software can be used to automate the...

  • ALM and the Agile development methodology: What do you know?

    Test your knowledge of application lifecycle management when it's merged with the Agile development methodology.

  • Software testing lifecycle: Dealing with security

    Security is an essential part of the software testing lifecycle, yet many test pros shy away from it. Yvette Francino offers help on getting started.

  • Software lifecycle: BYOD means more mobile updates

    Every time a new platform comes along it seems we forget everything we know about the software lifecycle. Each new environment we encounter is always easier to use, faster to deploy or requires less support, and there is the rub. In our...

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