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  • Software quality metrics paint partial project picture

    QA consultant Gerie Owen discusses the use of two post-production metrics: defect removal efficiency and defect detection percentage.

  • Measuring user experience can produce objective metrics

    What are some good objective methods for measuring user experience on an application?

    That's a tough question. Let's explore what a good objective measure of...

  • When tracking defects, make efficiency the end goal

    Do you think tracking preproduction defects is important? Why or why not? If not, what's the right thing to be looking at?

    Tracking defects that occur in preproduction grants project managers some extra insight into the cost of...

  • Onus for third-party APIs is on enterprise developers

    Testing integration points between one organization's application program interface and another's third-party API generates a minefield of possible issues. Having developers and quality assurance professionals work closely creates the best chance...

  • MAM tool options abound for developers

    Mobile application management is a critical component of controlling corporate applications and data in today's mobile enterprise. The mobile devices corporate employees use to access corporate applications and data can be tools for huge...

  • Select MAM tools with critical criteria in mind

    A corporation's data on customers, employees, finances and strategies is the heart of the organization and must be protected. While many corporations have a mobile device management program, they should also have mobile application management to...

  • two-speed IT

    Two-speed IT is the concept that strategic planning for an IT department should include a fast track that allows some projects to be implemented quickly.

  • two pizza rule

    The two pizza rule is a guideline for limiting the number of attendees at a meeting. According to the rule, a meeting should never have so many attendees that they could not all be fed with two pizzas.

  • GUI testing in the M2M world

    Our mobile and embedded devices require new ways of thinking about GUI testing and evaluating quality.

    We typically don't think about all of the computers surrounding us. Our automobiles have at least a dozen processors, controlling...

  • How Amazon CloudWatch provides automated APM tools

    Can Amazon Web Services be used to automate application performance management?

    Moving applications to the cloud brings advantages in terms of cost and scalability, but it also brings challenges. Providing...

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