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Agile Software Development (Agile, Scrum, Extreme), Application Lifecycle Management Software Fundamentals, Application Lifecycle Management Tools and Processes, Automated Software Testing, Building Software Project Teams, Building security into the SDLC (Software development life cycle), Cloud ALM, Cloud Application Testing, Cloud Computing Testing and Development, Exploratory Software Testing, Extreme Programming (XP), Gathering Software Requirements Use Cases, Internet Application Security, Mobile Application Testing Techniques and Tools, Outsourcing Software Projects, Penetration Testing, Scrum software development, Service-Level Agreement Management, Software Configuration and Change Management, Software Deployment Management, Software Development Fundamentals, Software Maintenance Process, Software Performance Management, Software Project Management Process, Software Project Tracking and Reports, Software Quality Management, Software ROI and Business Analysis, Software Regression Testing, Software Requirements Gathering Techniques, Software Requirements Management, Software Requirements Tools, Software Security Test Best Practices, Software Security Testing Tools, Software Test Design and Planning, Software Testing Methodologies, Software Testing Tools and Frameworks, Software Testing and QA Fundamentals, Software Usability Testing and User Acceptance, Software Version Control, Stress, Load and Software Performance Testing, Test-Driven and Model-Driven Development, Traditional Software Models (RUP, V-Model, CMM, Waterfall), Unit, Integration and Functional Software Testing