Software Quality Tips | Page 13


  • Ten best collaboration tools for business and IT

    Software consultant Nari Kannan writes about ten collaborative and social media tools you can leverage to make sure that IT is tuned in to the needs of business and delivers the needed results.

  • Wikis for Agile ALM collaboration

    In this tip, SSQ contributor Chris McMahon describes step by step how tags can be used in wikis to manage Agile user stories from conception through deployment.

  • Social media: Businesses using collaborative tools

    In this article, industry experts offer their insights into how businesses can capitalize on the many uses of social media and collaborative tools.

  • ALM from a distance: Remote collaboration tools

    In this tip, consultant Brad Swanson describes ALM tools and techniques that will allow your team to communicate effectively through the development lifecycle, regardless of where they’re physicall...

  • Lean principles for defect tracking

    In this tip, author Paul E. McMahon describes how Lean principles can be used to help determine when defect tracking is appropriate for your organization and what type of data is important to collect.

  • Software quality: When defect tracking is not necessary

    In Quality metrics: Defect tracking throughout the software lifecycle, we explored the argument in favor of tracking defects throughout the lifecycle. In this second article in the two-part series,...

  • Quality metrics: The debate about defect tracking

    Though software test experts do agree on a lot, the question of whether or not to track defects before code is released to production is a subject of great debate. In this two-part series, we will ...

  • Cloud computing: More power, but at what cost?

    In this tip, consultant Catherine Powell provides important questions that should be considered when planning for a transition to cloud computing so that uour organization will be able to get the b...

  • Cloud application performance management: Ten insights

    Cloud application performance management (CAPM) is ferent from non-cloud application performance management in its nature and deployment. Software consultant Nari Kannan explains CAPM and how to ch...

  • Ten tests for software applications in the cloud

    With the variety of cloud-based software applications that exist today, performing cloud testing is challenging. Software consultant Nari Kannan explains how you can understand these testing challe...

  • The language of cloud computing

    Organizations are increasingly using cloud computing and cloud solutions, which has spawned a new set of terms that correspond directly to the world of cloud computing. Software consultant Nari Kan...

  • Agile software development: Issue tracking solutions

    What are the best tools to track issues? In this tip, SSQ contributor Chris McMahon explains the importance of understanding workflow and offers up three issue tracking solutions, particularly for ...

  • Code coverage: Beyond the basics

    Code coverage tools will tell you how much of your code has been executed when you run your tests, but what can we do with that information? In this second of a two-part series, consultant Mike Kel...

  • How useful is code coverage?

    In this first of a two-part series about code coverage, software consultant Mike Kelly explains code coverage and gives a specific example of how code coverage was calculated on a small program usi...

  • How to use the cloud for improved Agile testing

    In this article, Francis Miers explains the many benefits of using the cloud in Agile testing to reduce costs, foster stronger team communication and simplify test management of a dispersed team.

  • Strategies for scaling Agile

    In this tip, consultant Michael Kelly shares some models and strategies that will help teams stay Agile as projects grow.

  • Tips for interpreting JMeter results

    Interpretation of results from performance test tools is complicated. Learn how to interpret data from your JMeter Listeners using scatter charts, and by using the Aggregate Report Listener and the...

  • Mobility testing: How to address five challenges

    Smart phones and other mobility devices continue to grow, as do challenges with mobile testing. This tip addresses each of these challenges with advice on how to best overcome them.

  • Smart phones: Implementing test automation architecture

    Test automation of smart phones and other mobile devices has become a necessity. Learn how to best approach test design, test automation and test execution in order to yield the best ROI.

  • Software test professionals: Five tester personality ty

    Balancing a test team with diverse skill sets and personalities can help provide a strong team. In this tip, Catherine Powell describes five distinctive tester personality types: the questioner, th...