Software Quality Tips | Page 13


  • How useful is code coverage?

    In this first of a two-part series about code coverage, software consultant Mike Kelly explains code coverage and gives a specific example of how code coverage was calculated on a small program usi...

  • How to use the cloud for improved Agile testing

    In this article, Francis Miers explains the many benefits of using the cloud in Agile testing to reduce costs, foster stronger team communication and simplify test management of a dispersed team.

  • Strategies for scaling Agile

    In this tip, consultant Michael Kelly shares some models and strategies that will help teams stay Agile as projects grow.

  • Tips for interpreting JMeter results

    Interpretation of results from performance test tools is complicated. Learn how to interpret data from your JMeter Listeners using scatter charts, and by using the Aggregate Report Listener and the...

  • Mobility testing: How to address five challenges

    Smart phones and other mobility devices continue to grow, as do challenges with mobile testing. This tip addresses each of these challenges with advice on how to best overcome them.

  • Smart phones: Implementing test automation architecture

    Test automation of smart phones and other mobile devices has become a necessity. Learn how to best approach test design, test automation and test execution in order to yield the best ROI.

  • Software test professionals: Five tester personality ty

    Balancing a test team with diverse skill sets and personalities can help provide a strong team. In this tip, Catherine Powell describes five distinctive tester personality types: the questioner, th...

  • Performance testing in the Agile enterprise

    Fitting performance testing into an existing or transitioning Agile enterprise is not easy. In this tip, software performance expert Scott Barber explains the challenges associated with performance...

  • Software testing from the ground up

    Where do you start when asked to test software? In this tip, SSQ contributor Matt Heusser talks about the tutorial he is delivering at STPCon with Pete Walen about software testing from the ground ...

  • Software testing: Why test metrics programs fail

    “Most testing metrics are internally focused, and this is one of the primary reasons for these programs to fail,” says Infosys leader Vasudeva Naidu. In this tip, Naidu describes this and other iss...

  • STPCon: Stepping up to leadership in software testing

    SSQ’s Software Test expert Pete Walen talks about the importance of test leadership and how every one of us can be a leader. Read on for ideas and insights into how to best gain professional develo...

  • Mobile application testing: Five tips for testers

    In this tip, SSQ contributor Cameron Laird describes five differences that need to be considered when testing mobile applications, including a mobile user-base, the vast number of devices and inter...

  • Mobile Web applications: Monitoring test triggers

    Learn how to build out a system for monitoring test triggers for mobile Web application and its supporting systems.

  • Mobile application testing: Cost effective strategies

    This second installment on mobile app testing will outline an initial cost-effective strategy for shrinking the problem space and establishing feedback mechanisms to change scope over time.

  • Mobility application testing: Budgeted mobile devices

    Mobility application testing on a budget can be problematic. When a large company takes on an initiative to deliver its first mobile app to its users in the field, the testing problem space can get...

  • Software security: Lessons from Stuxnet

    In this tip, security expert John Overbaugh points out four areas of security that were compromised with the Stuxnet virus: physical security, patching, design and implementation. Security testers ...

  • Agile adoption with knowledge, attitude and action

    Read this tip for advice from SSQ Site Editor Yvette Francino on how to implement the KAA model (knowledge, attitude, action) in your Agile adoption or other change management scenario.

  • Five lessons for continuous integration

    In this tip, SSQ contributor Matt Heusser provides five valuable lessons which will help you avoid CI complications, such as a slow release process. Read on for lessons in an effective strategy for...

  • Mobile testing: Nine tests you'll want to perform

    Mobile applications are becoming increasingly prevalent, but testing them can be a challenge. Learn nine tests to include in your mobile testing strategy, producing high-quality apps.

  • Transitioning to Agile Development: Quality assurance

    It's not uncommon for QA managers and testers to feel displaced in an Agile transition. In this tip, Agile expert Lisa Crispin explains the important role of the QA manager in an Agile environment.