Software Quality Tips | Page 14


  • Mobility application testing: Budgeted mobile devices

    Mobility application testing on a budget can be problematic. When a large company takes on an initiative to deliver its first mobile app to its users in the field, the testing problem space can get...

  • Software security: Lessons from Stuxnet

    In this tip, security expert John Overbaugh points out four areas of security that were compromised with the Stuxnet virus: physical security, patching, design and implementation. Security testers ...

  • Agile adoption with knowledge, attitude and action

    Read this tip for advice from SSQ Site Editor Yvette Francino on how to implement the KAA model (knowledge, attitude, action) in your Agile adoption or other change management scenario.

  • Five lessons for continuous integration

    In this tip, SSQ contributor Matt Heusser provides five valuable lessons which will help you avoid CI complications, such as a slow release process. Read on for lessons in an effective strategy for...

  • Mobile testing: Nine tests you'll want to perform

    Mobile applications are becoming increasingly prevalent, but testing them can be a challenge. Learn nine tests to include in your mobile testing strategy, producing high-quality apps.

  • Transitioning to Agile Development: Quality assurance

    It's not uncommon for QA managers and testers to feel displaced in an Agile transition. In this tip, Agile expert Lisa Crispin explains the important role of the QA manager in an Agile environment.

  • The whole-team approach to Agile development: Examples

    Lisa Crispin continues in this second tip in the series by giving real-life examples and benefits gained from practicing the whole-team approach on Agile development teams.

  • Agile development: The whole-team approach

    In this tip, SSQ Agile expert Lisa Crispin explains the concept of the whole-team approach in depth, addressing questions of team structure and mainstream challenges.

  • DevOps: Database automation and continuous delivery

    In this tip, consultant Howard Deiner goes into the rationale and some techniques to ease the pain that a DevOps team must endure to make sure that the code they need to deploy matches up with the ...

  • Mobile development: Using an Agile methodology

    Exploring how mobile apps are different in their nature and use, software consultant Nari Kannan explains seven ways Agile development methodologies aid mobile development.

  • Continuous integration: Quality from the start

    Using appropriate automated testing will efficiently bake quality into your code from the start. In this tip, learn how continuous integration is key to enhancing quality throughout the development...

  • Automation from version control to deployment

    Learn the steps necessary to automate your processes from code check-in to deployment, allowing your team to focus on the critical thinking tasks they were hired for.

  • Automating your release management processes with CI

    Quality is a necessary, but not a sufficient condition, to have a successful release and deployment of software. Learn the rationale and issues to consider when designing a continuous deployment fr...

  • Five benefits of using Lean and Agile development

    We hear a lot of buzz about Agile and Lean, but what are the real benefits? SSQ asks leaders at Ci&T, a services organization that specializes in Agile and Lean, what they believe the five top ways...

  • Software requirements: Accounting for development

    In this tip, SSQ contributor Matt Heusser talks about using "desirements dialogues," which include development estimates, to help the team get the best bang for their development buck.

  • Trends and innovations in software testing

    Read about trends in the way we conduct software testing and communicate as well as innovations in learning and teaching.

  • Trends in ALM: Increased support of Kanban

    This tip discusses the broadening of ALM to portfolio management and DevOps, as well as examines the diversifying of tools to encompass Kanban and the mixing of Agile methodologies.

  • Agile requirements management: Using the cloud

    The Agile Manifesto states that individuals and interactions are preferred over processes and tools. Exploring how cloud-based environments facilitate this aspect, software consultant Nari Kannan e...

  • Tips for writing testable user stories

    Testing pressures are always high on Agile projects. In this article we explore some of the ways adding clarity to stories can help make testing easier for all parties involved.

  • Tracking changes to software requirements

    In this tip, requirements expert Sue Burk explains different techniques and tools that can be used to track changes to the requirement itself as well as changes to the attributes of the requirement.