• Continuous Delivery with a Rapid Deployment Pipeline

    Continuous Delivery with a Rapid Deployment Pipeline

  • Is your software test team rigorously incompetent?

    What happens when a software development or test team's manager preaches rigor in processes, but doesn't make sure that team members do processes correctly? "Rigorous incompetence," says veteran tester and author James Bach. In this video, he shares his views on managers who insist their teams look busy, but don't ensure that they're doing their jobs well.

  • WebGoat: password weakness issues, basic application hacking concerns

    Expert Kevin Beaver shows testers how basic application oversights can cost them dearly in this lesson on password weakness and basic hacking.

  • Webgoat Tutorial

    Expert Kevin Beaver demonstrates some of the power and versatility of free online testing tool Webgoat.

  • Peter Varhol discusses highlights from The AJAX Experience 2009


  • CA Wily demonstration at VMworld 2009 conference

    Jan Stafford, executive editor for SearchSoftwareQuality is given her first exposure to CA's new Wily software in this video demonstration.

  • Rob Zylowski of GlassHouse on app dev at VMworld conference 2009

    GlassHouse Technologies Inc. director IP, Rob Zylowski describes benefit of using VMware products in the development of software applications at this year's VMworld conference in San Francisco.

  • Securing rich internet and Web 2.0 applications

    Security expert Kevin Beaver discusses securing rich internet and Web 2.0 applications, part of a multimedia security reference guide.

  • What are the best practices in agile

    Requirements consultant Robin Goldsmith describes what the best practices in gathering requirements criteria in agile are, his answer might surprise you.

  • How the requirements process differs in agile

    Software requirements consultant Robin Goldsmith plays devil's advocate as he discusses his experiences with gathering requirements in traditional and agile environments.

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  • Common mistakes in real-time Java programming

    When you hit a key on your keyboard, the delay before the letter appear on your screen is mildly annoying. When you're in a warship under enemy attack, having a delay before new radar information shows up would be deadly. In a nutshell, that's the difference between general-purpose and real-time programming.

  • William Bain, CEO, ScaleOut Software describes new products

    ScaleOut Software's CEO William Bain demonstrated ScaleOut StateServer's new extensions, which add an object browser to it's the StateServer distributed caching software. The new StateServer release, version 4.1, helps developers manage distributed caches.

  • Dax Fahring, senior product manager, Electric Cloud

    Electric Cloud's latest release adds Android software support to its roster of supported major mobile operating systems. Fahring, senior product manager, describes Electric Cloud's uses in this video.

  • Hamish Reid, software engineer, Perforce Software

    Software engineer Hamish Reid demonstrated current Perforce Software configuration management tools at JavaOne, but he also talked about upcoming Java-friendlier releases of tools in the Perforce Software Configuration Management System.

  • Liz Andrews, Marketing Manager, Altova

    Altova's new MapForce 2009, automates EDI files or data in coordinance with new health standard (HL7) and Extensible Business Reporting Language.

  • Sam Charrington, Appistry CloudIO

    Appistry CloudIO Manager is the enhanced management arm of CloudIO Platform v4.0 for public and private clouds. In this video, Sam Charrington talks about the new product's deployment and operational features. He is product management vice president for Appistry.

  • Roland Zigerli, marketing director, Canoo Engineering

    In the JavaOne exhibit hall, the Java Utopia Area spotlighted new technology companies and products, such as Canoo's UltraLightClient for quick builds of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), as well as Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing.

  • Jan Stafford checks out new products at JavaOne 2009

    At JavaOne in San Francisco this week, Sun Microsystem's Java products weren't the only new kids in the exhibit hall. A slew of third-party Java-centric products and services were announced. In this article,'s Jan Stafford guides a tour of JavaOne's booths.

  • Sandy Agarwal, Fiorano Software, talks SOA at Java One

    Fiorano's Sandy Agarwal showed how a peer-to-peer Enterprise Service bus foundation enables real-time coordination and integration of business assets. Agarwal, director of business development, noted that Fiorano's technology recently placed in Gartner's Magic Quandrant of visionary application infrastructure products.

  • Lieberman Enterprise Random Password Manager

    Phillip Lieberman, president of Leiberman Software cited several ways developers can use the new Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) to ensure the security of their applications.

  • Developer Express' DXperience 2009

    DXperience v2009 volume 1 puts more oomph into the product suite's Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight tools and makes its IDE productivity tools more stable and robust.

  • Ascentn's AgilePoint Developer

    Ascentn – and there's no i before the last n -- AgilePoint Developer is part of its suite of enterprise business process management tools, said Brian Ashcraft, Ascentn project manager and product developer.

  • Features in Teamprise Client Suite 3.2

    Teamprise software engineer Ed Thomson demonstrated the new features in Teamprise Client Suite 3.2, which facilitates access to Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server from outside the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE).