• Parasoft SOA Quality Solution, SOAtest 6

    Simplifying end-to-end testing is the key goal of the new Parasoft SOA Quality Solution, SOAtest 6, according to Wayne Ariola, strategy vice president for Parasoft Corp., Monrovia, CA.

  • AMD's AVX instruction set

    Advanced Micro Devices' (AMD) Margaret Lewis described in our interview how AMD's new Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) provide relief from hardware inconsistency problems that plague software developers.

  • AviCode Intercept Studio

    AviCode Intercept Studio, a .NET application monitoring suite, won the Best of TechEd 2009 award for developer tools.

  • JNBridge Pro 4.1

    Wayne Citrin, CTO of JNBridge (Boulder, CO), touted the broader interoperability capabilities the May 11 release of version 4.1 brings to the core product.

  • Infragistics NetAdvantage for .NET

    Infragistics lead technical evangelist Anthony Lombardo gave tours of the new release of Infragistics NetAdvantage for .NET, a user interface (UI) controls offering that helps speed up builds of robust UIs.

  • Altova's XML and UML tools

    Altova product manager David McGahey demonstrated XML, database and UML tools, including Altova MissionKit 2009 for XML developers and Altova Version 2009's new Service Pack 1 at TechEd. Particularly cool, he said, is Version 2009's Sequence Diagram generation in UModel 2009.

  • Reporter's Notebook: Jack Vaughan on agile methodology

    Jack Vaughan, editor in chief of, gives his take on the evolution of agile, goals of agile, requirements gathering in agile, and the intersection of agile and service-oriented architecture.

  • Jon Kern's three keys to software development

    Peter Varhol discusses agile expert and TSS Java Symposium keynote speaker Jon Kern's presentation on the three keys to software development.