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Take this Web Components 101 crash course

What are Web Components and how can you best make use of them? Here's how the set of web APIs helps designers create and customize reusable modules for web apps and user interfaces.


UI and UX expert forecasts the future of design

UI/UX designers serve as the voice of users, so it's crucial that they're tuned into their needs. Aaron Fazulak of Flatiron School disseminates UI/UX advice in this podcast.

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QA and UAT have the same goals, different interests

There are differences between QA and UAT, but testers from both sides ought to collaborate and firm up test plans to resolve issues.


How in the world can a distributed Agile team succeed?

Agile teams don't always exist under one roof, but they should still be aligned in responsibilities and goals. Here's the best way to approach global Agile team management.

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    systems development life cycle (SDLC)

    The systems development life cycle (SDLC) is a conceptual model used in project management that describes the stages involved in an information system development project, from an initial feasibility study through maintenance of the completed ...

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    Watch this Git Integration for Jira add-on tutorial

    If your team uses Jira and desperately needs more streamlined and comprehensible project updates, check out this video overview of the Git integration add-on.

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    Quiz yourself on the many types of software tests

    Software testing occurs throughout the development life cycle, and these tests require a deft hand to execute well. Check your knowledge of the fundamentals to see where you stand.

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