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15 chronically undertested aspects of mobile apps

Makers of iOS and Android apps chronically fail to test these 15 aspects of mobile apps. But to release quality mobile software, development teams must start testing -- here's how.


Oracle offers APEX low-code dev platform as managed service

Oracle has released its APEX low-code development platform as a managed service, touting it as a high-functioning, lower-cost alternative to other low-code tools.


Internal launches no-code app dev platform for enterprises

Internal, a San Francisco startup, has delivered an enterprise-focused, no-code app dev platform that will compete with the likes of Google's AppSheet.


How to choose between a predictive and adaptive SDLC

Waterfall and Agile epitomize the differences between predictive and adaptive SDLCs. Here are some considerations that a dev team should know before it chooses a methodology.

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    Everything you need to know about Agile swarming

    Agile teams can produce a viable product in no time when they swarm, but this all-hands approach to produce a user story or feature isn't easy.

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    How to test data reports in software

    To incorporate data analysis features into software, fully test the reports they generate. Use this checklist to cover these reports' requirements, the test environment, APIs and test data.

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    Inside 5 types of test doubles

    Spies, fakes and other nefarious-sounding test objects are actually beneficial to development teams. Learn about the five primary types of test doubles and when to use them.

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