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How to write a test report for software testing

Test report writers, here we will overview how to write your summary, what details to include in it, how to keep your audience in mind and other important considerations.


New Scrum Master guide covers both theory and practice

In his new book, a senior software engineer shares his in-depth hands-on knowledge to both prep readers for cert exams and guide them on the job.


What productive backlog grooming sessions entail

Backlog grooming is essential for smooth Agile software development. Here's what it takes to get user stories straight and organize a grooming session that yields results.


Choosing the right chaos engineering tools

Chaos engineering tool options include the original (Chaos Monkey), open source projects like Chaos Toolkit and Chaos Mesh and Gremlin. Weigh these factors when choosing your tool.

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    An introduction to TDD benefits, risks and examples

    Programmers, looking to implement -- or improve -- your team's TDD practices? Review the fundamentals and examples below to remember how TDD can be a benefit and not a burden.

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    Agile retrospective

    An Agile retrospective is a meeting that's held at the end of an iteration in Agile software development.

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    black box (black box testing)

    Black box testing assesses a system solely from the outside, without the operator or tester knowing what is happening within the system to generate responses to test actions.

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