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Q&A: Adopt OSS security practices now

A test vendor's CTO describes the OSS security mistakes that enterprises make, such as not patching vulnerabilities or inaccurate inventory dependencies.

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I'm a DevOps tester, should I do chaos engineering?

DevOps teams use chaos engineering, but at what cost? Learn how this testing method secures applications in ways that traditional testing can't.


A video tutorial to quickly install and run Jenkins

In this video tutorial, we demonstrate how to install Jenkins CI, and subsequently run a simple build job. It's a first step to acquire key DevOps skills.


Look to production, ops for better RAD

Get a better understanding of the top three areas in IT to improve a rapid application development model. Expert Tom Nolle discusses the future of RAD and DevOps.

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    Improve software test automation in 10 steps

    QA and test pros give advice on how to craft software test automation strategies that can speed app deployment. They also share their criteria for choosing automated test tools.

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    Create, build and run a Jenkins freestyle job in minutes

    In this video tutorial, we explore how build jobs work in the Jenkins continuous integration tool. Watch as we create a simple freestyle Jenkins project and then run the corresponding job.

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    Strategies to master continuous testing

    This Software Development Training Center entry covers how to perform and improve continuous testing. Learn strategies to secure continuous delivery through proper testing methods.

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