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I'm a tester -- what is the best DevOps tool for my career?

There are numerous DevOps tools, so as a tester, is it necessary to know all of them? Gerie Owen explains why tools might come secondary to the goal of DevOps.


AI testing tools compared: Applitools vs. Functionize

Expert Tom Nolle compares two AI testing tools that both interact with -- plus utilize -- applications' GUIs for more comprehensive testing.

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Top 12 gaps that mobile emulators and tools don't test

Emulators and automation tools are useful, but don't rely on them solely. Use this checklist for mobile app testing to ensure that software has no critical flaws.


A QA team pursues comprehensive continuous testing

QA teams can gain a lot from continuous testing. While successful continuous testing requires all of an organization to get on board, the results are worth it.

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Software Quality Basics

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    model-driven development (MDD)

    Model-driven development (MDD) is a format to write and implement software quickly, effectively and at minimum cost.

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    rapid mobile app development (RMAD)

    Rapid mobile application development (RMAD) uses low-code/no-code programming tools to speed the process of application creation for mobile platforms.

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    alpha testing

    Alpha testing is the initial phase of validating whether a new product will perform as expected. Alpha tests are carried out early in the development process by internal staff and are followed up with beta tests, in which a sampling of the intended ...

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  • Software Development Models and Methodologies

    IBM kit seeks to close blockchain developer gap

    With demand high for blockchain development expertise, IBM has delivered a new blockchain-as-a-service offering that helps developers learn the basics of the database ledger.

  • Software Testing Tools and Frameworks

    GitLab in the spotlight after GitHub deal

    Enterprise DevOps pros that switched to GitLab from GitHub and Atlassian tools share their experiences as Microsoft refugees eye GitHub competitors post acquisition.

  • Software Development Fundamentals

    Blockchain draws a no-code app dev platform, 8base

    The popularity of blockchain and demand for blockchain applications has spurred the creation of a no-code application development platform for building blockchain apps.

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