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Agile 2010 Conference, testing tools, distributed teams

This year's Agile 2010 Conference in Orlando, FLA will have keynoter Mike Cohn speaking about transitioning to agile and how to lead teams.

The Agile 2010 Conference, being held in Orlando, Fla., August 9-13, promises to provide plenty of learning opportunities, regardless of experience or skill level of agile enthusiasts. SSQ will be in attendance, bringing you the latest trends, techniques and advice from agile thought-leaders. Expert Mike Cohn will open up with a keynote, previewed at the Denver Agile User Group meeting and reported on by SSQ. Follow SSQ on Twitter and the Software Quality Insights blog for up-to-date reporting on the conference events and news.

Conference Coverage:

Conference Videos
David West on Agile trends

David West from Forrester Research talks about three trends he's seeing in Agile software development tools.

Philip Brock on the Agile Alliance

Philip Brock, Managing Director of the Agile Alliance, says that Agile 2010 is bigger and better than ever and gives a preview into next year's conference scheduled to take place in Salt Lake City, Uta.

Robert Holler new features for AgileSherpa

VersionOne's CEO Robert Holler announces additional planning capabilities and the AgileSherpa resource.

Elizabeth Woodward: Scrum Challenges

IBM's Elizabeth Woodward, one of the authors of, "A Practical Guide to Distributed Scrum," describes the biggest challenge she sees with using Scrum in a distributed environment.

Bill Krebs using virtual worlds to communicate with distributed teams

AgileBill Krebs describes the use of body language and teaming in 3D Virtual Worlds to simulate a face-to-face environment for distributed teams.

Cory Foy using Innovation games to grow teams

Cory Foy tells us how teams are using Innovation Games to explore new ways to communicate and collaborate.

Mike Cohn signature series authors speak

Several authors from the Mike Cohn signature series of Agile books describe their books at the Agile 2010 conference.
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Innovation games: Who says work can't be fun?
At Agile 2010, session attendees played professional learning games that promoted better collaborative efforts in work environments. Innovation games are facilitated workshops meant to teach managers and team members more efficient ways to brainstorm and implement project ideas.

Agile in 3D worlds brings teams closer to face-to-face
At Agile 2010, Bill Krebs showed Yvette Francino how to use avatars and virtual worlds to collaborate better with distributed agile teams. This is a great practice when face-to-face communication is simply not an option.

Agile 2010 Keynote: The world's most powerful tool is a card
Agile 2010 Conference keynoter Dave Thomas highlights the most important aspects of the methodology and what the future holds for agile teams.

Diversity in Agile series: Women in Agile
Traditionally, women have had a lower professional population in software development careers but agile guru Lisa Crispin is hoping to change that. Crispin is producing and promoting a series of videos intended to encourage women to get involved in agile projects.

Agile 2010 Conference in full swing
The agile methodology is one that encourages team building, relationships and collaboration. At this year's Agile 2010 Conference, participants were invited to dine with other attendees outside of the venue to promote even more teamwork.

Mingling with Agile book authors at Agile 2010
At the Agile 2010 Conference in Orlando, SearchSoftwareQuality.com has met some recognizable authors. Mike Cohn and Lyssa Adkins are among the many who have written about how to use and perfect agile in development organizations.

ALM vendors show Agile tools go way beyond cards
Even though the index card has become the most often used tool agile teams utilize to build and finish projects, ALM vendors insist that effective, well-thought out tooling will always prevail, especially in remote teams.

Lunching with the Agile Manifesto signatories at Agile 2010
At Agile 2010, Yvette Francino lunched with agile manifesto originators and signers Brian Marick and Alistair Cockburn. The two described for their small audience how the manifesto was designed, written and then signed.

Elizabeth Woodward: Face-to-face communication is biggest challenge with distributed Scrum
From Agile 2010, Elizabeth Woodard of IBM describes the form and function of distributed agile teams. Woodard recently authored a self-help manual titled "A Practical Guide to Distributed Scrum" which is designed to tech how to manage remote agile teams.

Agile Alliance interview with Phil Brock at Agile 2010
Phil Brock is the managing director of the Agile Alliance, the very group that organizes the Agile conference series. This year's conference "had few glitches" in the planning process, explains Brock.

Pre-conference Coverage:
Mike Cohn previews his ADAPTing to Agile keynote
Agile-user group participant and frequent speaker Mike Cohn explains what is meant when talks about ADAPTing to agile and the underlying principles behind agile.

Lyssa Adkins talks about her new book: Coaching Agile Teams
Lyssa Adkins, an agile coach, author and project manager, discusses agile coaching, scrum and software leadership techniques.

Healthy Agile teams: How to separate project management from Agile coaching
This is a chapter excerpt from Lyssa Adkin's new book, Coaching Agile Teams: A Companion for Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and Project Managers in Transition. We interviewed Adkins and picked her brain for some insider tricks to coaching in agile and scrum and for general best practices project managers can implement.

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