Agile 2010 Conference videos

This page is a collection of all expert, attendee and speaker videos taken at the Agile 2010 Conference in Orlando, FLA.

The Agile 2010 Conference, being held in Orlando, Fla., August 9-13, promises to provide plenty of learning opportunities, regardless of experience or skill level of agile enthusiasts. SSQ will be in attendance, bringing you the latest trends, techniques and advice from agile thought-leaders. Expert Mike Cohn will open up with a keynote, previewed at the Denver Agile User Group meeting and reported on by SSQ. Follow SSQ on Twitter and the Software Quality Insights blog for up-to-date reporting on the conference events and news.
David West on Agile trends

David West from Forrester Research talks about three trends he's seeing in Agile software development tools.

Philip Brock on the Agile Alliance

Philip Brock, Managing Director of the Agile Alliance, says that Agile 2010 is bigger and better than ever and gives a preview into next year's conference scheduled to take place in Salt Lake City, Uta.

Robert Holler new features for AgileSherpa

VersionOne's CEO Robert Holler announces additional planning capabilities and the AgileSherpa resource.

Elizabeth Woodward: Scrum Challenges

IBM's Elizabeth Woodward, one of the authors of, "A Practical Guide to Distributed Scrum," describes the biggest challenge she sees with using Scrum in a distributed environment.

Bill Krebs using virtual worlds to communicate with distributed teams

AgileBill Krebs describes the use of body language and teaming in 3D Virtual Worlds to simulate a face-to-face environment for distributed teams.

Cory Foy using Innovation games to grow teams

Cory Foy tells us how teams are using Innovation Games to explore new ways to communicate and collaborate.

Mike Cohn signature series authors speak

Several authors from the Mike Cohn signature series of Agile books describe their books at the Agile 2010 conference.

Lyssa Adkins Agile coaching advice

Lyssa Adkins, author of Coaching Agile Teams, gives a summary of her book and how it can be a resource for agile coaches and project managers in transition.

Mike Cohn introduces his Agile software book series

Agile expert and keynoter at Agile 2010 Mike Cohn talks about his book, "Succeeding with Agile," and briefly introduces the other books in his signature series.

Jez Humble on continuous delivery

Jez Humble, co-author of the book, "Continuous Delivery," defines the meaning of the term and talks about the importance of creating production-ready code throughout the development cycle.

Todd Olson on AgileZen

Todd Olson from Rally Software describes filtering capabilities in AgileZen, announced at the Agile 2010 conference.

Thoughtworks Studio announcements

Thoughtworks Studios leaders Cyndi Mitchell and Adam Monaco talk about tool announcements including enhancements to agile release management and the availability of a business agility review.

Scott Ambler descibes updates to IBM Rational

IBM's Scott Ambler describes new features for the IBM Rational tool suite and the Jazz product at Agile 2010.

Tasktop leaders discuss ALM/Agile integration

Mik Kirsten and Neelan Choksi from Tasktop Technologies describe their product, which integrates tasks from other Agile ALM vendors into one interface.

Lisa Crispin promotes diversity in Agile teams

Agile expert Lisa Crispin describes the effort to promote diversity in agile software development, sponsored by the Agile Alliance. Back to conference page

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