Full Spectrum of soapUI for open source software testing: Tutorial

In this four-part series on soapUI, learn tips and tricks to perform a number of different software testing operations using this widely-accepted open source tool.

Mike Kelly, software tester
Mike Kelly

In this series of user interface testing tool articles, software testing expert Mike Kelly addresses timely topics relevant to developers and testers in the open source community. Below you will find tips and tricks to perform a number of different test operations using a widely-accepted OS tool, soapUI. SoapUI can be used in a variety of ways, from outlining and writing test criteria to analyzing test results, as Kelly explains each in the following chapters of this four-part series.

Testing Web services' performance with soapUI
Software application expert Mike Kelly shows how to write, implement and analyze load tests using soapUI. Learn how to use this tool and its features to test all questionable application threads.
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Testing Web services with soapUI
Master the writing, analyzing and repair of software projects and applications using soapUI in this expert walk-through. Expert Mike Kelly explains the fundamental aspects of writing effective test plans and implementing test criteria using soapUI software.
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Using soapUI to mock Web services can offer insight on user acceptance

Many of the inconsistencies in automated integration testing can be put to rest by utilizing mock Web services. In this tip on soapUI, you will learn how acquire and review static responses in user interface testing. These responses can help indicate the look and feel your Web application will have and provide insight into how users will respond and use the application.
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Integrating soapUI into your unit testing practice
Using SoapUI testing tools is one of the easiest ways to ensure a high level of application quality and security, thanks to this in-depth expert tutorial. In this tip, learn about the causes and effects of user interface testing, as demonstrated in the included informative charts and code writing assistance.
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About the author: Michael (Mike) Kelly is currently an independent software development consultant and trainer. Mike also writes and speaks about topics in software testing. He is a regular contributor to SearchSoftwareQuality.com and a past president for the Association for Software Testing.

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