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This year, IBM's Innovate conference topics ranged from improvements made in its ALM tools, Rational and Jazz, to how software can improve the world. Conference attendees were encouraged to speak up about their ideas for improvements that could be made to the Rational line and how to make the world a smarter, greener place.

IBM's Innovate 2010 conference took place in Orlando from June 6 to June 10. Innovate attracts users of IBM application lifecycle management (ALM) tools, including Rational, Lotus and Jazz. This year's conference placed emphasis on IBM's desire to help build a greener, "smarter planet," which many Innovate keynoters and speakers addressed. Here is SearchSoftwareQuality's coverage of the event.

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Conference coverage from IBM Innovate 2010
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Conference coverage from IBM Innovate 2010

IBM Innovate 2010 off to a festive start
At IBM's Innovate conference kick-off, IBM project managers and executives unveiled revised company mission statements for Rational and Jazz as well as a desire to gain customer feedback to help improve products. For those who were unable to attend here is what was said.
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Expanded focus at IBM Innovate 2010; ALM, Rational and Jazz
For 2010, IBM is planning to expand its Innovate conference focus beyond its Rational suite of software products in an effort improve business systems from within. ALM tooling and products built on the Jazz platform will also be represented this year.
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Mainsoft announces Social Connector for Rational Team Concert
Mainsoft has brought social networking tools into the IBM ALM suite. Introduced at this year's IBM Innovate conference, IBM now ships its Rational and Lotus products with an array of social networking tools, including searchable blogs, wikis, access to communities and instant messaging capabilities.
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Jack Danahy at IBM Innovate: Changes in AppScan part of Secure by Design announcement
Jack Danahy, CEO and founder of Ounce Labs, a static analysis testing tool provider acquired by IBM last summer, explains how application security practices and tooling have evolved. At IBM Innovate 2010, Danahy explained customer desire in knowing their systems are configured properly.
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Innovate 2010 Keynote: Software defines success of every business
IBM Innovate keynoters and session speakers stress the importance of progression and innovation in the software industry. What new ideas and tools will bring IBM further into the millennium according to IBM executives? Find out in this blog post.
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More Conference Coverage:
STAREast 2010: Agile, test, QA, the Rebel Alliance news and coverage
At STAREast 2010, technical session presenters focused on agile development, QA, exploratory testing, best practices and tools. Here are the highlights from Jon Bach, Lisa Crispin, Matt Heusser and other top names in software testing.

Scott Ambler at IBM Innovate: Scaling in Agile
Agile expert, Scott Ambler, states that scalability should be a primary focus for agile development initiatives. To be effective in agile, teams must tailor efforts, tools and processes to reflect development situations, says Ambler.
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IBM Innovate: Plans for "smart city" Babcock Ranch
At Innovate 2010, IBM announced a partnership that would make them a top-contributor to Babcock Ranch a new "city of tomorrow," powered by solar light and focused on clean living through the aid of technology.
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Grady Booch: Cloud computing is like virtualization on steroids
Grady Booch, one of IBM's head software engineers, forecasts what will happen in the future of cloud computing and reminds Innovate attendees that virtualization is what really pushed cloud computing into the innovation foreground.
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IBM Innovate: Dean Kamen inspires crowd to give back to community
Dean Karmen, most recognizable for his contribution to medical technology with such offerings as the Segway, software embedded prosthetics and other health care related innovations, beckoned Innovate attendees to be charitable to the community.
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IBM Innovate: End of life for the waterfall methodology?
Surprisingly, many IBM Innovate 2010 speakers, including Walker Royce, spoke out against waterfall and other "dated" methodologies and put their full support behind lean and agile approaches to software development.
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Author Larry Klosterboer speaks on ITIL configuration and change management
Implementing change management and ITIL in organizations is an ongoing challenge, says author Larry Klosterboer. In Klosterboer's new books, he addresses time implementation of change and configuration management in an ITIL environment.
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IBM Innovate: IBMers give their impressions of the conference
Those who attended IBM's Innovate 2010 had a lot to say about the ALM landscape and IBM's solutions in the market. Attendees weren't shy about offering their insight into development and the Innovate venue as well. Hear what attendees had to say in this blog post.
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Conference Videos

Carolyn Pampino on Rational use

Larry Klosterboer on ITIL

Grady Booch on Systems of systems

Theresa Lanowitz on Innovate 2010

Beth Baily on coming to Rational

Theresa Lanowitz on Systems of systems

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