Podcast series: Agile and open source development advice

Software development organizations often concern themselves with how to lead their distributed agile teams and what open source tools to use. In this podcast series, Matt Heusser explains how distributed agile development works in his organization and recommends some helpful open source tools.

Software Tester Matt Heusser

This podcast series with expert Matt Heusser covers how distributed agile development teams should operate to efficiently create software and discusses which open source tools work best for testing. As worldwide distribution can cause delays that impact development and halt production, Heusser advises what can be done to avoid this complication. Finally, with numerous available open source options, Heusser explains how your team can make sure it has chosen wisely.

Podcast: Expert explains how to manage testing with distributed Agile teams
Expert Matt Heusser describes the function and manipulation of distributed agile teams for software testing. When a team is remote and dispersed worldwide, there are numerous issues and complications the team will face. Issues include how to keep in constant communication, management and defect resolution, Heusser explains.

Podcast: Web testing practices to enable Agile software delivery
Expert Matt Heusser explains how agile software development affects the construction of software and which best practices can be used to improve the process. "There is no way to automate every aspect of software testing, but there are lots of parts that can be automated -- and should be," says Heusser.

Podcast: Using Selenium for application testing
Matt Heusser explains how to use Selenium an open source testing tool that supports Java scripting within Web browsers.

Podcast: Open source test management
In this podcast, tester Matt Heusser describes ideal open source tools for test management. Heusser covers bug tracking, time management and provisioning predictable results.

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