Videos STAREast 2010: Keynotes, speakers and presenters in-depth

These are videos of speakers from STAREast 2010 explaining the focus of their sessions. Exploratory testing, agile and communication are just some of the highlights.

STAREast offered a full agenda of keynotes and concurrent sessions for attendees. We were able to catch up with many of the speakers after their presentations to get some further thoughts about STAREast, their presentations and, in some cases, their thoughts on open source tools.i> Back to the STAREast 2010 landing page

Jon Bach explains his STAREast sessions

Gary Gack on alternative defect containment

Bob Galen on communication between testers and developers from STAREast

Matt Heusser on distributed agile teams

Adam Goucher: Beautiful testing and STAREast experience
In this video Adam Goucher talks about his contribution to the book Beautiful Testing which was represented by Goucher as well as many of his colleagues who were roaming the halls of STAREast.

Randy Rice's favorite open source tool from STAREast 2010

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James Bach: What is a buccaneer tester?
James Bach is one of the most prominent names in software testing. In this video Bach explains his philosophy for how testing should be done by bringing down to individuality and putting aside traditions or as he often scorns it "rigor!".

Experts express favorite open source tools

Michael Bolton favorite open source tool

Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory favorite open source tools

Matt Heusser's favorite open source tool from STAREast 2010

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