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Ajax's effect on Web services security

How does Ajax affect the security of Web services? Web services expert Caleb Sima explains.

How does Ajax affect the security of Web services?
Ajax has made an explosion on to the Web application scene and will fundamentally change the way Web applications are made and will definitely have an overall impact on Web security. The technology promotes huge growth of the use of Web services, since Ajax has made Web services easy to consume using the browser. That means Web applications will open up their back end and treat the browser like a thick client.

Did I just say open up their back end? Yes, that is what Ajax will promote -- the ability to call directly to functions in the code via XML. It's so convenient! Think about this, if today's biggest security issue is developers not validating input just on the front end, what kind of problems will we have when developers have inputs on the front end and back end! This opens up a whole new attack surface.

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