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Are my apps secure?

How can you tell if your applications are secure and your security program is performing well? SearchAppSecurity.com expert Jeremiah Grossman offers this advice.

How can I tell if my applications are secure and our security program is performing well?
The only way to determine if your security practices are performing well is to measure them and measure often. For companies conducting business online, their Web sites endure constant attack. Hackers will routinely try to exploit cross-site scripting, SQL injection and session-handling loopholes to gain access to sensitive information.

Knowing where your vulnerabilities are before the bad guys do is crucial. To do so, security assessments are the way to go. Security assessments provide a comprehensive look into the security of your applications and report how they react to simulated attacks. Top vendors offer a combination of automated vulnerability scanning and expert-driven analysis methodology with the Web Security Threat Classification as the testing standard.

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