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Automating regression test cases

Automating regression tests may or may not be beneficial. Expert Scott Barber explains how to automate and when manual testing is more appropriate.

Please tell me how to identify a regression test case?

I presume that what you are asking how to pick a subset of set of existing test cases to be somehow transformed into regression tests. I have to further assume that the transformation is from a manually executed test case to an automated one. The simple answer is to pick a subset of the manual test cases that exercises what you would consider core functionality of the system that are unlikely to change significantly over time.

Automated regression tests are not very powerful tests. All they really tell you is if something that you thought to program your automation scripts to check for, basically making them an automated change detector. The biggest challenge with this is that these automated scripts tend to be quite fragile, meaning that slight changes in the application will often cause the tests to report "failures" that actually indicate that the script needs to be updated to deal with the change in the application. This is problematic because it often takes more time and effort to maintain these automated regression tests that it would have taken to just execute them manually in the first place.

On top of that, there is very little data to suggest that automated regression tests actually find very many defects. If your testing mission is to find as many of the existing defects as possible, investing in regression testing may not be valuable use of your time. If, however, you have a good business reason to need to demonstrate that some very specific features are available and working (at least superficially), over and over again, on a relatively stable and mature application, investing in automated regression testing may be a wise choice.


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