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Beating software's cross-site scripting, authentication problems

Web security expert explains where security efforts are best placed. By checking for cross-site scripting and authentication mechanism weaknesses you can eliminate problems in your application.

What are the most common Web security issues that we should focus most of our efforts on?

There are literally thousands of Web-related vulnerabilities and you'd go crazy and spend an awful lot of money trying to rid your Web-based systems of every little flaw. The biggest issues I see are cross-site scripting, authentication mechanism weaknesses, and application logic vulnerabilities. If you focused just on those three things you'd easily eliminate 90+ percent of your Web vulnerabilities.

In the case of software security, your best offense is a strong offense and an equally strong defense. Identifying issues before an application is launched is your best bet when offering up a stable online app. If you look below you will see I have collected a battery of Web 2.0 and application security tips and articles. These should prove invaluable to you and anyone else concerned with Web security.

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