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Can I find content marketing tools in a CMS?

Too many moving parts? No worries, expert Amy Reichert explains options for new content marketing tools in CMS.

Help! I need a content management system that helps me track writers. Is there such a thing?

CMS tools are not new, as WordPress, Joomla and a vast number of others have been around for years. Content management tools provide applications to manage publishing; editing; and maintain content from a single, central interface. Most include the ability to interact collaboratively to keep Web and mobile content sites updated, organized and retained. 

CMS tools have proven useful to the publishing industry and make it easier to manage content on multiple platforms. However, there's always been a significant missing piece in the CMS puzzle. Traditional content management tools don't keep track of the authors and their related details including queries, invoices and work scheduled. The good news is that a few new CM systems now include content management tools. Content marketing manages contributors in order to track the creative content, contributor communication and assignments. Handling all those items within a traditional CMS tool is difficult or nonexistent.

Skyword offers new content management tools that also include content marketing. Skyword allows publishers to manage contributors as well as recruit new ones. Additionally, users can brand their Skyword and make it a single, unified contributor experience. One interface and one application series manages all aspects of content marketing and management. 

The content management tools offer a single interface across the globe and regardless of location. Not only can your content come from contributors anywhere in the world, those contributors can also enjoy a branded experience that is a single point of entry for work, rules, reviews and work management.

Joomla and WordPress both offer content management systems. They allow users to market their content across all platform types as well. Instructions, tutorials and professional examples allow these tools to be used by nearly any content creating user. Technical skills are not necessary.

The catch is: The marketing management side is left to the content owner. Content marketing is a crucial piece when managing content across multiple platforms and with numerous contributors. After all, the content is coming from the contributors, and managing their experience is crucial to success. 

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